I am trying to get my side bar back up to the top and it's not working.........aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh...........can you feel my frustration??? why does it do this???? this is the second time!!!

ok I just finished watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I totally cried.......I loved Denny and loved his character on the show!!!!!!! and I really don't like Meredith and McDreamy together cuz he's married........hellooooo.........anyways I am sure I will dream lots about all this tonight.... if I can sleep that is...........summer has landed and it is hot hot hot!!!!!! our upstairs gets freaky hot and of course I can't find the fan!!! good thing we have ceiling fans but at this point I am wondering if they are just re-circulating all the hot air??? the basement is nice and cool and if we had my comfy bed down here I would sleep on it!! and since I am not mad at my hubby the bad most uncomfortable futons will just not do. So like who's idea was futons anyways???? they are practical, I get that part, but oh so not comfy and we even bought the extra extra padded ones!!!! and we even turn them........maybe not as often as we should but we turn them!!!! sorry do I seem to be rambling here??? I seem to have many thoughts running through my head and my fingers are actually keeping up which is like totally amazing!!!!

I went to my sister, Tam's today cuz she has a pool and like I said it is hot here. I sat there from 1-4:30 (yes I kept the girls home from school today.....wasn't planning on it but none of us woke up till after 8am and we would have had 10 min to get them to school on time!!! even J slept in and was late for his first job.......we were all pretty wipped so I took it easy this morning cleaned my much deprived house and went swimming ok.....don't judge me!!! :-) )watching the girls play/swim/dive in the pool and I am a bit burnt!!!! where you ask?.......why on my chest of course!!! nice and red and a little sore!! but it will fade to a nice tan soon I hope!! I never used to burn!! since I got older I started burning so I don't know if it is my age or the thinning ozone layer???? I will happily blame it on the ozone layer. You didn't think I was going to pick my age did you?????

ok well I am yawning enough to lead me to believe that I will actually fall asleep.....I don't know bout you but I really hate lying there trying to fall to sleep....I would rather stay up until I know I will be asleep within a few minutes!!!

night all........ maybe I can figure out my template in the morning!!!

edited: hey I figured it out.....well sort of figured it out meanwhile I lost my site counter and my blog links!!! oh well at least my side bar is back up!


Lala's world said…
guess I was not as sleepy afterall and got it all back cept for the site meter....oh well....
onangelwings said…
I feel asleep before the end of Grey's Anatomy so I will have to catch up on the ABC site. It is a good show but I have not watched every episode but the ones I do watch are great. God, I don't blame you. I would have totally been in a pool yesterday if there was one near by. I hate summer. It rained here pretty much off and on all day yesterday and today we are currently in a down pour. Love it! Makes me feel like doing nothing and that never happens.

Glad to hear you figured out your side bar. I have to call the husband for things like that! Good for you!
MugwumpMom said…
wish I could have been there...enjoy the heat, it's supposed to get hotter
holli said…
um - I would have blown off everything to go swimming with you!! It just hasn't been warm enough here yet. I'm a chicken if it's the least bit chilly.

Your side bar is why I haven't changed my blog template in like 2 years. I'm scared. And I was a professional web designer for more than a decade. I don't mind messing with other people's stuff - but I would crap if I lost all of Faith's baby book!!
Renee said…
That pool stuff sounds good. We just got an above-ground pool and I can't wait to get it set up and jump in!

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