My Niece's Wedding pic's

ok so the order of these pictures are kind of backwards....sorry.....and my camera sucks at taking pictures inside so I stopped taking them and will post more when my dad and sis send me theirs.
So the pictures are
1. my sis Kim and her husband Paul.......ok get this, I had NO idea and I just found out last night....big scoop here......they were recently talking about getting re-married (they separated after 2 years of marriage 21 years ago and had relationships with other people, they got back together about 3 years ago and have had their ups and downs
and decided they belong with each other.) He says to her, "wait I don't remember signing the divorce papers.....we better look into it" they did and they are still married....all these years.....totally funny! anyways it was really good to see them and spend time with them. It was cute to watch them dancing together!
#2. my mom and dad and sisters I am on the far left(in front of my mom on the end), then Shash, then Tam (who's daughter got married), then Kim
#3. Hailey sleeping in the truck on the way to the reception
#4. Emily and Faith sleeping
#5. Jana and Lucas and Morgan in the back leaving for pictures after the ceremony
#6. Jana and her bridesmaids before the ceremony.

#7. my sister Tammie making a few adjustments before the ceremony
#8. the little girls and their dresses......hope you can make them out the end of the night they were ALL wrecked!!! the girls stepped on the tule and ripped it and spilled punch and red icing from the cake all over them!!! I think I can bleach them and make some repairs.....I was like oh no....all that work....oh well they had a blast! they had SO much fun dancing I will be sure to post some pics of was too cute.
#9. Faith waiting outside the church
#10. Morgan waiting for the bride to arrive


momyblogR said…
Looks like it was a beautiful day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Wave's Word said…
Wow, what beautiful women in your family. The dresses are magnificent. I feel like I'm there with you. Aint technology great!
Ruth said…
Oh, I love the dresses you made. They are so beautiful. It looks like and sounds like it was a nice day for all!
Shash said…
The dresses were beautiful, the girls looked amazing as did you my little sister! It was a rocking good time - I'm glad I was able to be there.
Renee said…
Everything (and everyone) is beautiful!
mommyof4 said…
Great pictures everyone looks so nice! I hope you had a good mommies day:)
onangelwings said…
Wow...beautiful family. Your mom and dad are so young!

The girls look absolutely adorable.

Oh and I love the car the bride went to the church in???!!! Whose is it?
Lala's world said…
the car is a Dart and it belongs to the grooms mom!!! nice isn't it!??!!
You are so creative the dresses are so wonderful

Making stuff is so special I am just finding out how wonderful it feels to accomplish a homemade project it is so personal and original.

I give you props girl
Kelly Hemblen said…
Wow everyone looks beautiful x

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