Making the big commitment

Well we did not that............well yes that but that's not what I am talking about!!! :-)

We just signed the paper work with our selling Real Estate Agent! yup's about time! It feels good to actually be making progress. We have to have the house ready to show Thursday next week.....................yikes gulp double I am glad that Xangelle has agreed to come over and help me rhonda help help me rhonda......... I know that I can't do this alone, well I could if I didn't have 4 kids to take care of and 3 trips a day to school and everything else I have to do in this crazy life of mine.

J is leaving for Cali......going down to Cali Cali Cali going down to you ever say something and instantly get a song go thru your head??? it happens a lot to me!! can you tell?. Anyways J is going to be gone all next week which makes the work load fall on me even more....but it is one less person to be cleaning up after!! :-) He is going to have his employees come over next Wed to do the lawn and weed and make the yard look all purdy. So meanwhile with Xangelle's help in the mornings I should get this house sparkly and start packing away most of the clutter!!!

We are going to leave the samples out of the flooring that we are going to do so that the people coming thru can see what the house will look like hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Pray for my van to sell people so that we can have the cashola to pay for the carpets!!!

It is funny that even selling our house not knowing where we are going doesn't freak me out!!! Last time I was a nervous wreck but I don't feel that way. I feel calm.....which is great.

J is going to California because he is moving some friends down there. They are becoming the new Associate Pastors of a church down there. I keep dreaming about doing something like that. I told J last night "lets sell the house and move to California and we can be the youth pastors at that church".... he said "we don't have the schooling".........I said "well we can go to school while we are doing it".......he said "I don't want to go to school"......but he would move down there.....too bad it is so difficult even with one of your biological parents being American!!! doesn't make sense to me. I haven't really said this out loud but SO much of me would just LOVE to sell the house and move to a different country and just work with people and a local church, then after a year or so move to another country and do the same. No mortgage, no possessions, just us and the kids and some clothes!!! that's it......I would do it in a heart beat if J was up to it. I know he would move to another country but the how's, when's, where's and what if's seem overwhelming. Well I guess it is ok to dream and one day maybe we will be able to travel freely like that just being a blessing wherever we go and show our kids the world. That truly would be a big commitment............but one that makes my heart jump to just think about.


Shash said…
you don't need "schooling" to become a pastor... most people who come out of those places have to re-learn or be re-taught when they come across our paths anyway...

My hubby went to seminary (Bible School), has a degree in Theology and all whoot whoot - who cares. He's learned more in the last 4 years than ever and he's been "in ministry" for over 20 years!!
Renee said…
Woo-hoo! Living life on the edge, that sounds great to me. But I'm too chicken to really do it. Let us know where the big move is going to be!
Yellow Mama said…
I agree with shash...schooling is okay, but when you are called to do something, God will open doors no matter what you perceive you do or do not have.
MugwumpMom said…
and just Who is the giver of dreams??? Huh? I wouldn't be counting any of that out just yet. One day at a time and let Him unfold it.
Shash said…
I heard this past week at the meetings we were at that it is a dangerous place to be in when we stop dreaming. God is a creative God, giver of dreams and vision and author of our immaginations. We want a church full of dreamers ~ in that there is life.
Ruth said…
Those are awesome day...

And yay for signing the paperwork to get things rolling!!
Vicky said…
Wouldn't that be the best! We don't attend a church or even have a religion really, but I would love to go to different countries and work in the trenches helping people somehow (teaching, medical attention, building...anything!). My husband? Not so much.

I would also love for my husband to get a new job and to move down to the States. Just to try it. And to get away from my parents (eek, I'm bad).

Best of luck with selling the house!
wow selling a house fun exciting
where are you moving too!!!

Ontario that would be cool!

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