let the games begin

ya so my not so favorite thing to do is cleaning right??? and since I have to have the house ready to show by Thursday I am in a bit of a panick mode........but.........I have great friends.......I have some friends coming to help me Mon-Wed......ya thank you girls!!! J is leaving Monday morning for California and we only have Sunday to get stuff around here that he needs to do. Today J is the best man for his friend and so he is gone all day! I think it will all be ok. It has to be.

The whole property investment thing got a huge door slammed closed yesterday but that's ok because I really feel that was the "clear" direction that I was praying for........sorry I don't want to go into the details of why cuz it involves my dad and I just don't want to go there publicly. I do feel that J and I have been walking more and more as a team in our marriage and this is being reflected all over............this is a good thing.

I have to go get ready for the wedding so I can't stay and I will be really really busy for the next while but I would love to get some tips on ways to get your home ready to sell....you know burning special scented candles ..... fresh flowers.......what are some things you really take notice of when you look thru homes for sale???


Shash said…
Declutter and de-personalize. I'm pretty good (and so is Dave) at "staging" the house for sale. Our last place was SWEET, looked like a show home.

Remember people open up cupboards and drawers... everything must be free of clutter. The window sill (sp?) area free of mold and get the spider webs out of all corners, including outside.

The kids need me to feed them dinner ~ imagine that eh?!
MugwumpMom said…
yup...de-clutter is the big one, and repair broken things, no matter how small, like split door casings and cupboard doors, cracked windows, screens, etc.
Shash said…
I see you edited...

more on the "staging":
bake a batch of cookies or have an apple pie smell going on - not strong, just subtle. Fresh flowers! Clean counters / surfaces. Remove any extra pieces of furniture you don't need, makes rooms look bigger i.e. the TV tower in your bedroom, and I'd even borrow a double/queen bed if you could - make that room look much more roomier. Start packing and put the boxes in storage or in a friends garage for now. It's also said that when you're showing the house - put the dogs somewhere else... that's because I'm GLUED to HGTV!!

I got so used to the minimal look. I don't want to bring it all back in now. Simplify!

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