Is it time for bed yet????

oh man I feel like I have been running!!! running running running! I am just exhausted. I don't remember the last time I had such craziness!!! well yes my life is a little crazy and I do tend to fly by the seat of my pants................but this feels stressful and that's not as much fun. My house is getting the brunt of it and I am getting sick of the really really big never ending overwhelming mess. I think my kids are feeling it too.....and I know my Hailey is feeling, she really acts out when I am stressed. I don't know why I am actually sitting here when I know I should be heading to bed! my eyes are barely open!!!

It was good today to see my sister Kim. We hardly ever get to see her. She looks great too. She has gained some weight and that is a good thing, she looks much healthier. It was nice to have lunch with her and Paul (her ex-hubby who she she now lives with and is her son's father.......thats a LONG story - one day I may devulge). We went for Japanese food with Kim, Paul, Tam and Shash and our mom and dad. It was quick cuz we all had so much to do for tomorrow......which if you haven't been taking notes over the past week is my niece's wedding.

I finally bought Morgan's shoes and mine!!! they are SO cute and tonight I made a few adjustments to the dresses I made and viola........I am ready for tomorrow.......well as ready as I will ever be. After all the running around I have done the last couple of days I better be ready!!!

I also have blown my cleanse........yup sucks....however I think I wasn't really thinking about it all the way through starting this a week before the hello...what was I thinking????
Thursday night my dad took us (shash, tam, mom and I) out to the Keg.....ok this is like THE BEST STEAK HOUSE EVER!!!!!!! so I ordered 1 drink ( a mandarin mango martini....hmmmmm it was good) and I had 3 chips with the spinach dip and 1 stuffed fact I marveled at my self control.....for dinner I ordered the sirloin oscar........ my favorite!!!! medium rare!! hmmmmmmmmm it was soooooooo good. I was a good girl though and ordered extra veggies, no potatoes and no sauce!!! but I did have some of the ice cream cake........bad girl I know. Then today we had Japanese my favorite food like ever......I ate everything and left feeling stuffed.......then we had the rehearsal dinner at a Chinese restaurant in White Rock..........hmmmmmm Chinese I am stuffed and feel guilty for blowing my cleanse......tomorrow will be a right off for dinner (wedding reception) but I will be good for breakfast and drink my green vanilla flavored grass protein drink and be good for lunch too.

Well I really should hit the hay cuz it's almost midnight and tomorrow is going to be crazy!!! and the next too being Mother's if I don't talk to you before, good morning good afternoon and good night............and a HUGE Happy Mother's Day to all and have a great weekend!!! I will try to post a tribute to my mom on Sunday cuz she really is the best mom in the entire world!!! I am blessed to have her.


cara said…
stop with all the food talk! you're making me hungry and crazy. we don't have japanese or chinese or a steak house for that matter here. i found a mexican restaurant, but it's pretty frenchified. i hope all goes well with the wedding. and it sounds liek you are doing well with your diet. keep it up!
mommyof4 said…
Happy mothers Day. Try to relax a little on our day!:)
onangelwings said…
Now I am really hungry. I haven't been out to eat in over a year. Steak house or Japanese sounds really good to me!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day
hey all you guys seem to do is eat makes me hungry hope you are enjoying it at the same time!!!

start fresh monday unless you have stuff planned this week!!!

I am back online again
Ruth said…
It is ok to eat a bit of the bad stuff, then you don't crave it as much! Just as long as you get back on it later!! I would start Monday, in case something really good came around on Sunday when I didn't expect it!!

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