I'm awake

so what is with that??? I have been awake since 4:30 this morning!!!! crap.......I so want to be sleeping!!! I think we need a new mattress cuz I am going to bed with my back feeling fine but waking up with it oh so sore!! this morning is no exception!!! I also have busy brain......great.....I hate busy brain!!!

Last night J and I went out for a real nice dinner. We had a gift certificate to the Keg (#1 steak house here) and man was it good. Our friends Jen and Willy joined us too and it is always great to visit with them. I had the sirloin oscar (yes I am all done my cleanse!!! whew).....it was soooooooooooo yummy........ I couldn't eat it all cuz my tummy must have shrunk a bit from being on the cleanse for so looooonng! speaking of the cleanse, I am glad I did it. I really think everyone should do one once a year. It is so beneficial and great to kick start you into loosing weight. Plus I drink WAY less coffee now and hey that's a good thing!

Today I am mc'ing our church service (basically that means I open the service and do the announcements kind of thing, J was supposed to do it but he really hates doing it and he found out we are having a guest speaker and he was like ....no way I am not doing it....so I am stepping in for him.....chicken that he is!!). Then after church we are having Colin and Dana over............and as much as I am excited about that.......my house is a mess............I stayed in my pj's yesterday until 2:30 pm.....I never do that.......and I should have cleaned my house..........yikes it is bad........well not the worse it has been but in definite need of a vacuum and windex and picking up. And here I sit...........I HATE house work...........can you tell..........ok why do I feel like I am rambling????

Tomorrow is a holiday here. J has to work. He is leaving for California a week tomorrow. He is driving our friend who is moving down there to be a pastor. He is going to visit with his dad who lives outside San Francisco. So that is good. I will miss him though.

On Tuesday I am going to try to meet with Morgan's school counselor. I am wanting to know if she has seen things be as bad as Morgan is making them out to be. It sucks that she has lied to us so many times so that we can't really trust what she is saying. However, even if her perception is a bit different, it is still her perception and to her that is reality. I am having a hard time sending her to school with a tummy ache every day. There are only 6 weeks of school left. 6 weeks could feel like an eternity to a 12 year old. I was talking to Xangelle yesterday on the phone, and she said to try to think of it this way "what LIFE lesson do you want her to be learning in all this?"........good question eh?!?! do I want her to learn to be strong? to deal with every type of person? is this what she is learning? do I want her to learn that being unique and different is a good thing? cuz I think it is a good thing! is this what she is learning? I definitely want her to learn all these things. Whether she will in this situation is yet to be seen. J told me last night that if she is still getting bullied and the school staff know about it then he is going to have a little meeting with the principal!!! hmmmmm would I like to be a fly on that wall!!! Since I know that we are going to be moving, I don't want to pull her out and put her in a local school since there is only 6 weeks left, cuz that would be hard too. My sister Tam, suggested that after I talk to the counselor, that if things are not good and she is still feeling the way she is, to pull her and home school her for the rest of the year. By homeschooling her she means, have the teacher give you all the assignments needed for the rest of the year and just have her do them at home. Or pull her one day a week for the rest of the school year. I don't want her grades to be affected either. She hasn't been coming home crying anymore but I don't know if that means things are better or she is just dealing with it fine or surpressing it????? ahhhh the joy's of parenting a pre-teen...........I don't think you can be really prepared for it!! really!!! I think people who don't have pre-teens are so quick to judge and do the whole " my kids will never get away with that".......well all I can say it just you wait.........not that all kids are bad and by no means do I think my daughter is bad........a little cheeky but not bad.........but until we go through it ourselves we are really in no place to judge.

anyways I guess I have rambled on here long enough.....I am tired but I do I try to go to sleep when I have to get up in an hour??? how will I survive with company today?? cuz I will probably crash after church is over!!! I should see if I can clean my house up without waking everyone else up.......that will be fun!!! ewww and I think my poor puppy Jackson, has another ear infection so I will have to take him in to get that checked....that and he is getting fixed!! I don't want to go through what I did the last time Shelby went into heat and I had to keep them separated.....we don't want puppies ....well not together anyways, J wants to bread Shelby but to another pure bred Springer Spaniel. Anyways I think I am going to go make some coffee and start cleaning up the house.........


mommyof4 said…
I have decided I am going to homeschool Falicia for 7th and 8th grade. After that we will see. She is cheerleading and I am going to sign hewr up for Karate soon. I think even though she will be homeschooled she still has her freinds and social situations to deal with they just won't effect her school work like they do in school:) Ya know what I mean? I hope you can find the right desicion for Morgan. She is lucky she has a mom like you to love her no matter what and you are a good Christain and I think our kids need that more than ever these days.
The keg is number 1 here too
MugwumpMom said…
buzz brain hurts...especially when it keeps you up. UUGGHH!! Hope today was better. You did a great job MC'ing church this morning. I'm sure clarity will come concerning M and school etc...I'm with Tam...it's only a few weeks till summer and won't hurt to homeschool..sounds like the kids needs a break, and it could be a good opportunity to tackle all her other issues. Just my two cents, for what it's worth
holli said…
Girl, I suffer from and hate insomnia - it's the worse.. but a busy brain will do it to you.

I'm so tired of bullies.. and I don't know the answer - there's such a fine line between helping and making it worse. I'll be interested to see how you take care of this. Seriously - I know it's something lurking in our future.
C. H. Green said…
When you get finished with yours, head on over to mine. I've spent way too much time writing and blogging lately. I have decided that insomnia is God's way of telling me I need to pray.

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