Hot topic warning......Immunization.....

ok so I hope I don't like totally freak any of you out or anything but I had an interesting conversation this morning with a friend on the phone about immunization and I thought hmmmmmmmmm this would make a good post however controversial!!!

we don't immunize our kids..................

sorry I ducked under the table in case any of you were throwing something at the screen!!!

both J and I are completely at peace with our decision. I think that is crucial!!!! whatever you decide to do with your at peace about it!!! I would only tell people to look into it first before you make your decision. Do the research...........there is tons of information about both sides of the topic. I wouldn't tell anyone "don't do it"........ I would tell them......."have you researched it yet? have you prayed about it? is this something that you are at peace doing?"

I have to be very careful who I tell about not vaccinating our children. Some people have really strong emotions about doing it and will not have their children interact with children who are not immunized!! my question to those people are "what are you worried about???? your kids should be protected if you immunized them!!!" I don't get that!

I had a step-niece that died 2 years ago...........the cause..........well to make a long story short....Immunization! She was a perfectly normal 1 year old, walking talking....until the 1 year shot........then she became a vegetable (sorry not nice wording but true nonetheless)......the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.......they finally admitted it had to be the vaccination! she had no immune system anymore and couldn't walk or talk. She died at 7 years old because she caught pneumonia yet again and her little body couldn't handle it.

I have another friend who has a 3 1/2 year old son who is autistic and same thing where he was normal and walking and talking and soon after his 1 year shots he shut down. He is on a strict diet now and is starting to do much better. He had sky high levels of mercury in his body! They fight the feeling of guilt because they know and believe the immunization to have been the cause.

There are so many cases of this happening. Autism alone has risen 800% since the late 80's!! hello......isn't that scary? Allergies are being linked to vaccinations. Here is a good article about some health concerns and some information on what is in the vaccination.

My hubby was vaccinated and he still got a form of polio when he was 17. It could have killed him. My mother got a letter from the Government telling her to get a brain scan because they linked the vaccinations she received in the 50's to brain tumors and in fact knows people she graduated high school with that died of brain tumors. I was not immunized as a child and I never had 1 childhood disease.....all 3 of my sister were immunized and they all had the measles, chicken pox..... When I went to Africa in 1991 I had to be immunized to enter the country.........never have I been so sick since then. There are just too many obvious reasons for me to not do it.

I get grief from medical personal all the time. In fact one time when I took Faith in cuz I knew she had strep throat, the doctor gave me a 15 min lecture and scooted his chair to the opposite end of the room when he learned she had no vaccinations. He proceeded to tell me that this was the first case of measles he had seen in years, he told me that she could die and would have to be quarantined.......he went on and on.........finally I said quite loudly "can you just look at her throat cuz you will see that it is just strep and I can get my prescription and get the heck out of here...".........he looked and had to apologize, which I was amazed he did, and gave me the antibiotics and I was out of there.

I did get my oldest her first 3 shots because I thought well you have to obey the rules and the doctor should know best........she got SO sick each time. The doctor told me it was a coincidence........the 3rd time she got the measles!!! hmmmmmmmm I thought she just got vaccinated for that???? I prayed about it before I took her in to get her 1 year shot. I didn't know what to do. I felt the pressure to get it done even though the research I did showed me otherwise. I went in cuz I didn't hear God tell me otherwise and just prayed again He would show me what to do. The nurse asked me " how long did you nurse her for?", I said 9 1/2 months. She said "oh well......... you don't need to get her vaccinated for at least another 6 months because she has so much of your antibodies in her still"........I grabbed my baby and ran out!!! I got my answer. I have never heard of another nurse ever asking that question to any of my friends before. There have been other times when my doctor wears me down and I take them in and each and everytime something happens and they can't get it done! I don't attempt it anymore.

Bottom line for us is we trust in God, something you need to do no matter what you decide to do!! and we have faith that we have made the right decision for our children.


Ruth said…
Wow, controversial post for sure!!

We have made the choice not to immunize our children at this time as well. We are both at total peace with it. We are not opposed to vaccinating down the road if this changes. When my Princess was 15 months, we took her in for her MMR (I think) and 9 days later she had a case of full blown measels. We spent a lotta hours in the bubble room at the hospital being quarantined, until the dr. made the time to come see us (do that with a 15 month old and tell me how frustrated you would be!) I told him she had just recently been immunized and he said it had nothing to do with it. The public health dept. was called and we were totally quarantined, we had to get a urine sample (much easier from a boy) and then they lost it. About 6 weeks later, when this was all done, we received the papers saying it was measels... duh!! (Sorry, heated issue with me!!) They told me she must have gotten them while travelling. We never travelled at that time. We were also the first case in our region for this, as well.

We have not immunized since...

I had read somewhere (don't remember where now...)that families with a history of neurological disorders should really consider immunizing. We had told all our dr's that dh has had epilepsy (which he was healed of)and others in his family had it as well. Nothing was said to us at all.

Sorry this is so long, I was actually talking to my uncle about it this week. Must be in the air or something!!
Shash said…
We have chosen not to immunize our kids. This was made after we did it with our first child. He received his first shot and was fine then the second one.... he had a severe reaction. His breathing was laboured and raspy, like something was loose in there. I took him in to the doctors and he was given a puffer. I too was told it was a coincidence. I gave him the dose required and his eyeballs starting shaking. It made matters worse. After getting the shot I learned that people with a history of respiratory illness have reacted poorly to the immunization. My dad and my mother-in-law have problems in this area. Then I heard that babies that are nursed have a natural (god-given) antibodies to fight these illnesses. My first child is the only one who has severe allergies and when he got the chicken pox - it was the worst case I have seen. He has allergic reactions to illnesses if you wrap your mind around that! He has had strep throat twice and I've had to rush him to the ER, his body was starting to shut down and it could have killed him. The last attack was only a few months ago. He has regular fevers of 105. I believe that his immune system has been completely compromised due to the immunization shots received as a baby! Never again.
MugwumpMom said…
BooBoo was immunized when she was about 2, and developed this huge hard lump in her leg where the shot went in. Now I'm wondering if her immunizations had something to do with the thyroid problems she had (and has since been healed of) Both kids were immunized for no other reason than the school said so...didn't know then what you know now. Thanks. Heh...make tomorrow's topic circumcision! LOL...jus kiddin
mommyof4 said…
Here at my kids school they have to have the immunazations before entering school. Don't your schools follow that rule? I think it is up to the parent and I have had my doubts about it. i wonder if it is why Brandon has all his problem? To late now I guess they are all dont with theirs.
Lala's world said…
no schools will try to tell you that they have to immunized but they don't!!! you can always plead "religous reasons" and that usually makes them back off. Most people think that they have to be immunized to go to school but in fact it is not law and cannot be inforced!!!
onangelwings said…
Interesting post for sure. Controversial? I guess! Mostly because people don't know how to live and let live.
holli said…
Yeah, controversial topic for sure. I know here in Oklahoma you do have to have immunizations to enroll your child.. There are no exceptions to that law, religious or otherwise. At least I don't think there is from when I was teaching. Most of the parents I know that don't immunize home school for that reason.

I don't judge anyone - or try not to. You know in your heart what is best for your child.. and it sounds like God is with you. My Faith has had a compromised immune system and there is just no way I could mess around with that. If it's going around - you can bet your bottom dollar she'll get it. However, I'm so thankful she got her chicken pox vaccination after I had shingles and we were in the tub together!

Yada yada yada.

Peace, mama. I need to read back and see how everyone is doing. I agree - let's go for circumcision next. I don't have any sons, but I know some men in my world lately that I would love to take a whack at!
Jeanne said…
This IS an interesting post. I HAVE vacinated all of my kids and only had a problem one time. My daughter was 15 months old, got an immunization and ran 105 fever. Never had a problem after that. I was wondering about the school though. I really thought you needed all your shots to go to school. And who won't let their kids play with your kids because they aren't immumized? CRAZY PEOPLE! If their kids HAVE their shots, why are they worried???
Vicky said…
We did immunize all of our kids...but I guess it was more out of ignorance than choice. It's not something I ever really questioned or researched (I've always been a "by the seat of my pants" parent) and we've never had a problem, so I guess all is okay for us.

I try not to judge anyone's decisions. Everyone is just trying to do what they think is best for their families.

When you write on your blog that you beat your kids regularly...then I'll step in with my thoughts...;-)
MugwumpMom said…
I need my Lala fix today....where are you??

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