Herbal D-tox time.....yup got to take drastic measures

I am day 2 of taking a herbal rose d-tox! and I have almost cheated SO many times!! I have discovered that I put things in my mouth without really thinking about it! I heard someone call this mindless eating!! It is really shocking to me!! I am on a 12 day one too........oh the agony!! I told a friend about it being 12 days and she literally groaned!!!! yup.........that good..... I am also drinking something called "Transform" it is a green/protein drink. It has all your greens in it and no sugar and has protein and makes a really really healthy meal replacement. I mix it in the blender with strawberries and ice and it makes it taste that much better!!! I have had to do something more drastic to make me motivated!!

I have no will power on my own.

I have also discovered that I comfort eat.....something that I wasn't aware of.....over the past week or so with all the stress going on I have found myself wanting 2 things 1. McDonald's double quarter pounder and 2. DQ's peanut buster parfait..............hmmmmmmm peanut buster parfait........hmmmmmmmm peanuts.......hmmmmmmmm chocolate......drool drool........ok snap out of it!!

I have discovered how much commercials suck!! just when I think whew I made it to 9pm and I didn't cheat or eat any chocolate and the stupid commercials start.........I literally feel the juices in my life springing to life!!! who says advertising doesn't pay??? If we lived in a house like the Jetson's!! with the automatic food maker.....makes anything you want when you want!! I would be like 600 pounds!!!

I feel pretty good that I am doing this. I figure paying the $30 for the d-tox that I will actually follow the rules!! I have started to experience it's cleaning effects already....uh hem (red cheeks burning). I don't have a scale but I roughly know what I weigh and I hope to loose at least 5 pounds....would like to loose 10 but I would be happy with 5. I also know my body really needs this. I have really bad exima right now and am quite covered with it. I know the stress doesn't help it but one should really do a cleanse at least once a year.

I will keep you posted on how I am doing!!


Shash said…
Yuck!! That sounds as much fun as a colon cleanse from a spa! No thanks.

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