Faith's birthday party.......

do you know how many times I had to tell them to hold on to take these pictures!!! poor kids!!
it was cute getting Faith to kiss JJ and to do it long enough for me to take the picture!! seriously need a faster camera. it takes so long in between each picture!
Faith and the rest of the kids had loads of fun and hitting the pinata was a blast! She had such a fun time and was oh so excited that it was her "birfday patee" today!! I don't think she understands the difference between her party and her actual birthday but that's ok! we will celebrate all over again.....with family...on her actual birthday!! meanwhile......"happy birfday patee Faffee (aka) foo foo"


Shash said…
Happy almost Birthday Faifee!!

I am excited that I get to celebrate it with you this year.

I remember when your mommy called me to say you had finally come out. It was our anniversary and we were celebrating by taking the kids to IKEA. You cous Lee was nice and comfy in my belly but he jumped for joy when he heard you were born.

See you in 2 sleeps!! (sorry I can't bring the other kids this time, JZ will have to do)
Renee said…
Happy Birthday to Faith! Cute pictures.
mommyof4 said…
They look like they had a blast. They are so pretty and jj is cute to!:) Happy upcoming birthday Faith:)
Shash said…
1 more sleep. What's the weather out there like... I still haven't packed, it's after midnight. I leave here in about 12 hours for the airport.... yyiiiippppeeeee

I tried to get Lee a ticket... $957.00!! NOT. I can't believe the price to fly these days!

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