cute things that kids say

the kids have been saying the cutest things lately and I am afraid I will forget them so I want to record them at least here.....

Last week driving with JJ in the jeep ( I picked him up from school Wed and Fri last week), he started talking my ear off.....about 50 miles per hour of jibber jabber then all of a sudden he says to me
JJ - "trees are made by mother nature right auntie Lala?"
me - "well God created nature and trees are part of nature"
JJ - "right trees were made by mother nature and if we cut all the trees down and their roots then we will kill mother nature right auntie lala?"
me - "well yes if we don't have any trees we will run out of oxygen and be in big big trouble"
JJ - "right....mother nature is God's husband right?"
me - "did you learn all this at school???"
JJ - "no I sawed it on a dvd"
me - "oh ok"
then he was off on another tangent......

Monday with Faith she came walking down the hallway with her hands on her hips and she says to me in a snooty kind of voice

Foo - " I talled da pooyece"
me - " what?"
Foo - "I talled da pooyece to tom tate Hailey away tuz I am mad ad her"
me - " you ever really do that Foo and you will be in big don't call the police unless it is an emergency...blah blah blah"
Foo - "dat tuz you yuv Hailey more dan me??"
me - " no Foo I love you both the same"
Foo - big sigh " oh why do we have to be so different?"
me - holding my sides trying not to die of laughter

Today with Faith we were lying on the floor in the Living room after doing a mad clean cuz the realtor listing the house was supposed to come in the morning but is now coming Thurs afternoon......and she says to me

I am going to call B-o-o-b-s bobs so I don't get hit with pervy people!!!

Foo - "I hate lours bobs"
me - " WHAT?"
Foo - "I mean I yuv lours bobs"
me and J - " Foo what are you talking about?"
Foo - " why do lou have to have bobs?"
me - "cuz it is just life.....girls get bobs and one day you will too"
Foo - starts whinning looks to J "I don't want to have boobs"
J - "well you can't help it, you will"
Foo - starts crying " I don't want to get bobs I don't want to get bobs"
me and J laughing, funny thing is I felt the same way when I was little
J - " Foo when you grow up you will have bobs"
Foo - in yet another snarky voice like she has it all figured out..... "well ...... I am grown up already"
ah............. ya ....................NOT

later this afternoon - Hailey calls 911 and hangs up..........they call back.....they ask for her mom and dad........she says "I can't go get them right now cuz I am doing my homework.." she got caught by J who was not impressed but secretly laughing at the guts of this 6 year old to argue with the cops!!!!

just thought I would share!!!


Renee said…
WOW, she's a trip, huh? That girl's gonna be somethin'!
Patti said…
Way too cute, and Way too funny!
Ruth said…
Hahaha, these are so cute!!
holli said…
LOL!!! I love these kid conversations!! Just think of all the crying she'll do someday after the boobs are destroyed by breastfeeding. Now THAT is sad. SIGH!!

I can't wait until I can have more complex discussions with Faith.

Thanks for brightening my day!!
MugwumpMom said…
It's the facial expressions that go along with the words that I get a kick out of. Especially Foo's

Shash said…
That is too cute, I love listening to kids talk to each other. Priceless!

I remember have the "bob" talk with our niece who just got married... she grabbed me once and I explained that all girls get them and she argued with me, "no auntie shashi I won't get'em." haha I wonder if we were ever like that - although you won out in that category!!!

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