update on Faith

Faith is doing really well.... I still think she may need a trip to the Chiropractor...she is limping a little bit but her ankle is still a little swollen so that is probably why.

I have the craziest week EVER......so I don't have much time to blog which you all know is like my favoritest thing to do!!

I have 3 separate dentist appts this week for me and the kids ( my insurance runs out the end of the month so I need to get all the little cleanings and fillings done before I have to pay full price!!!)

I am coaching Emily's baseball game tomorrow night.
Hailey is in the school play Thursday night.
Friday we have a birthday party and an International Party to go to with our student.
Friday J is leaving for the weekend stag for his best friend. J is the best man at their wedding next month.
Saturday I am hosting a wedding shower for my niece who is getting married next month as well!!!
Sunday we have an AGM for church.....
so ya I am feeling a little crazy!!!

thanks again for all the prayers and words of comfort and support!!


Renee said…
Yikes, too much busy-ness for me. Hope everything goes well and some calmness returns!
mommyof4 said…
I am glad she is healing well!:) You do sound busy...just don't go and hurt yourself, everyone is hurting themselve in some way or the other:( Have a good week:)
holli said…
Good grief, I got exhausted just READING about your week. I'm glad your Faith is doing better.. SO GLAD!!
Kate said…
i know exactly how you feel (most of the time!). i am glad to hear your sweet Faith is doing better.
Shash said…
only a couple more weeks and I'm out there with you.... yippee!!!
Ruth said…
Your week sounds as busy as some of mine!! We did the same thing when we were losing our benefits, used them all up as much as we could;-)

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