Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my daughter Hailey. It is her birthday this weekend

1Â…. Hailey was such a surprise to us, we were not expecting to get pregnant when Emily was 6 mths old!!! the doctors thought that she had something wrong with her stomache in utero and we had to go get some testing at Woman's Hospital....she turned out to be fine, just a slow digestive track and in fact threw up A LOT for the first 2 years of her life....I had to be very careful how much I fed her

2. She was born with a strong sense of injustice and what is fair......she is by far my most strong willed child and that is with everything she does.....but really I am thankful that she is so strong, I just need to help mold her in the right direction with all her determination!!

3. She is a great big sister to Faith and protects her like none of the other girls......even though Faith out weighs her!

4. She always has a pencil, pen or felt in her hand....she is a great artist and her artwork can be viewed for all our pleasure on our walls, lamp shades, any scrap of paper she can find!!!

5. She is an entrepreneurr and recently started selling some of her art work......paint with water sheets she did with Emily and Saul.....she has been selling them for .25$/each and approaches every guest that comes to our door, when we questioned her why she was selling them her reply was "I am selling them for God, to take to Sunday School"....she grined coyishly.....

6. She doesn't like going to school very much, and cries almost every day when I start getting her ready....she is fine once she gets to school but the thought of going and leaving her domain I guess overwhelms her

7. She has an incredible sense of humor and loves to laugh, she even got a comment on her report card about her humor.....she often will start laughing at the kitchen table and get everyone rolling on the floor

8. She is shy - she doesn't like to be the centre of attention, even though she is my loudest child and when she is not here the house is several decibels quieter and even boring.....she doesn't like to be the main focus....she hated doing her dance recital and looked like she was in physical pain, she doesn't put her hand up in class because she doesn't want all the kids looking at her at once.....she doesn't come across as shy because she is so loud but she is very shy

9. She is a very focused person on what she is doing.....well except for getting ready in the mornings!!!....when I walk up to her when she is drawing she literally jumps cuz she was lost in her world

10. She is very affectionate and loves to give BIG know the ones that squeeze the air out of you....she does it to her friends and they have to say in between tiny gasps of breath...."Hailey that's enough!" you hear that a lot around here!!

11. She loves to be outside, up trees, in the dirt, digging for worms, making homes for her worms, bringing her worms inside in case they get lonely for her, crying when she forgets about the worms and finds them deceased!!

12. She is a real beauty, with her sky blue eyes, pale blonde hair, dimple in her chin and fine features, we of course being the experts and not biased at all, know that she is going to be one of those rare striking beauties.

13. She is the spark in our home, we would all be boring without her, we are thankful every day for our miracle daughter #3 and the blessing that she is to us and that we get the privilege of raising her up to be all that God created her to be.

We love you Hailey, Happy Birthday

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Lala's world said…
UGH I am having such a hard time posting already ate one blog entry!! so I am leaving it as this for now...I have SO much to do today and can't sit here any longer!!!
Shash said…
Happy Birthday Hailey Bailey.

I loved getting to know you better when you came to my place for three whole weeks last year. I love you lots!

Auntie Shashi
Renee said…
She sounds like a wonderful little girl! And she's beautiful too! Happy Birthday, Hailey!
Ruth said…
Very nicely written, happy birthday Hailey!!
Kimmy said…
Happy Birthday, Hailey!

Great list!

(your auto-link isn't working. Mr.Linky has left info for you. Just thought you should know.)

My 13 are up!
Lala's world said…
sorry I don't know what is happening with my Mr Linky stuff!! just goina have to do this the old fashion way I guess!!
Q said…
Happy Birthday Hailey. I miss you.
holli said…
Happy birthday Hailey!! You should take pictures of some of the art she's selling.. I think that is so cool. I actually really love children's art - I would love to see it!!
mommyof4 said…
Happy Birthday Hailey! She is Beautiful girl Lala are you ready to keep her locked up:)

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