Thirteen Things about LALA and what I want to do this summer
1…. I want to get a nice tan...... as always..... I actually tan really easily....I do burn more than I ever used too but still not that bad

2. I want to be able to go to J's family cabin in Kamloops BC..............last year we had it booked and were not able to go.....we didn't get to go at all last year....really sucks...we haven't been up there as a family for over a year!

3. I want to take the girls up to the ranch. I have done it 2 years in a row and I want to keep the tradition up. It is a LONG drive.........but so worth it and so much fun....if you check out their will see a pic of a little blonde girl standing by the fence and horses....that is my baby, 2 years ago!! This is my Uncle's Ranch.

4. I want to move......where still not completly sure but somewhere!!!

5. I want to be able to send the older 2 to camp for a week

6. I would love to be able to have a week family vacation....but with J's job and it being peak isn't likely

7. I want to go on a church family camping weekend

8. I want to go camping as much as I possibly can...... and preferbly in my parents RV!!! no tent for me!! I am not that kind of camper!!

9. I want to go to Disneyland with parents are taking her and Q (my nephew) and I am SO jealous!!

10. I want to know by the end of the summer where my kids are going to go to school......this all depends on where we move and if I can keep them at the same school or have to change them

11. I want to have lots of bbq's here and have lots of people over and just renew some friendships and build some new ones

12. I want to have lost the 15-20 pounds by the end of summer..... hopefully I will loose some when I work with J this summer..... yup I will be working with hubby..... should be a great excerise and tanning opportunities

13. I want the summer to go by slower than usual.... you know it just goes by way too fast and before you know it school is starting and well................ I just prefer summer!!!

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Ruth said…
Oh, I can't wait for summer and holidays and camping and all the fun stuff that happens!!
Shash said…
I like to hear that you're working with J, that will be very good for you guys - bonding time on his level. I can't wait for summer either - today feels like summer already, it's been in the mid 20's - Emma is wearing a tank and shorts!!! Gotta love it!!p.s. wanna buy an RV???
mommyof4 said…
I am not a tent person either but I love camping in a RV or cabin! I want to loose 15-20 lbs before summer;) Hope you are getting though the issue with morgan:)
Chi said…
I hope you do get to do all the things you want to do...have a very happy summer!

Thanks for visiting my TT today. *s*
Uisce said…
camping... that's when the hotel doesn't serve room service after midnight! :)
Chaotic Mom said…
WHAT? You can get a tan in Canada? I'm kidding! I had a hard time getting one when I lived in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan.

I'm so desperate to loose weight, I'm thinking about letting my hubby take over as my trainer. And I am NOT that kind of gal. But I need help... ;)

My T13 is up!
I would like to lose weight over the summer too.

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!
Faith said…
Sounds like a great plan. I don't tan very well, but I'll be trying.
Mom Nancy said…
What a terrific list! I hope you get to do all of it. It sounds fun.

Thanks for stopping by my list!
Feathers said…
Wow, that ranch is amazing! Don't think I would ever want to leave it :)
Moving outr to another place is fun. Having bbq is nice. Thanks for dropping by.
momyblogR said…
Great list.....BBQ'S are the best, especially with old friends.

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