Quick update

the doctor said that he thinks Faith is just fine. He said she is active and happy and alert. I said yes this is true but she isn't running!! she walks with a limp and won't walk too far. He said that after a couple of more days to take her to a lady he recommends who does physio-therapy and is a chiropractor as well................ I don't want to wait another couple of days!!! I called a Chiropractor locally and am waiting to hear when I can get her in.

I also took her to see my dad and he prayed for her. This might seem weird to some but...... my dad really has a gift in healing and especially for people's backs and legs. So he had her sit in a chair and he took her feet in his hands and you could see that her right leg (the one she is being careful of) was almost an inch shorter than the left leg. So he prayed that her legs would straighten and be the same length and honestly her right leg grew out right in front of our eyes.......there is power in prayer!!! and then he had her stand and prayed for her back and her spine and her hips......afterwards she wasn't walking with such a pronounced limp! So I think she had some healing for sure....... and I just want to take her into the chiropractor now to see if he can adjust her some more!

Thanks again for all your support and comments......yesterday was a tough day for me. I had a mini breakdown and cried while dropping Hailey off at school. One of the moms was there and called me yesterday and pizza delivered here for dinner.............what a blessing that was for us!!
so thanks again. I know Faith will be just fine..... I think some of what I am going through is guilt that she fell at all in the first place......


Faith said…
Great! Go Dad! What a prayer warrior!! Thanks for the update!! We've been praying!
Kate said…
That is great news! And what a dear dad you have. To pray over your sweet little girl. What a spiritual gift!

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