last thing I should be doing

ok the title pretty much says it all.........this is the last thing I should be doing but it is the thing I want to be doing the most!! aaaaahhhhhh

my house hasn't completely fallen apart............but it's getting too close.....after all my hard work last week I don't want it to be a category 5 disaster again!!

I have been on slow maintenance since I got home but today I pretty much feel back to normal so I need to get my but in gear and whip this house back into shape....and me....did I mention the food I ate this weekend...not so good for trying to get this weight off!!!

in other news I think the house is going to be listed in the next couple of weeks!! yaaaa even though that means a lot more work for me........I am happy to be moving forward with all this!

k back to finding that magical wand....I know it's got to be here somewhere!!!

oh and I almost forgot.....I won the Easter Basket full of Purdies chocolates!! at the retreat was a raffle and I yea for for more calories just when I am trying so hard to be good!!! the kids are happy though!


Ruth said…
Hey, the computer is the last place I should be too, but here I sit!! I need a wand as well for my house. Life would be sooo much easier!
Suz said…
I hope you found the wand :-) and got done what needed to be done.

Oh yea and when you are done with that wand, pass it this way please!

Hugs Suz

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