I'm back - tid bits about my weekend.

wow what a weekend..... it was so great and yet so exhausting at the same time.....as much fun as these weekends are you don't really get a lot of sleep, and well....this time it was me gabbing so much keeping my roomies awake!!....told you I had the gift!!......

The weekend for me was just such a great time of getting to know my friends just that much more! they had me laughing so hard and crying too......you know all the fun "girly" stuff that I love so much. Tammy is SO funny......she is a riot and a must have for all parties and get-togethers! she had me in stitches and was my fellow roomie who stayed up the latest.....eeeewww like the big 12:30am.....not that late for some but for +30 year olds.......that's like a major achievement!

and we ate...............oh man did we eat......this camp's goal must have been to have us all gain at least 5 pounds each. Dana said she weighed herself when she got home and she had gained 3 pounds..........she said her hubby noticed it in her but.......uh hem.....ya thanks mister!!! anywoo the food was great and like said LOTS of it and chocolate...........they served so much chocolate.....like they really know the way to 70 women's hearts!!

This year there was 70 women there, much more than last year, I think there were 40 of us.....maybe.......so it was great to have such a great turnout. There were 5 churches represented there, one from Marysville Washington, USA, and one from Victoria and one from Powell River and Vancouver and of course ours.....so it was a great mix of women.

We had great teaching and Xangelle did the worship along with a team from Washington. It was awesome as usual....nothing like 70 women all singing together and being free with our emotions. I really heard some things I needed to hear, about focus and "paying attention" and setting my priorities.....also had some things confirmed to me about writing and how much I am not alone. It was really refreshing and I am excited about walking it out.

Well I guess back to home life now and a few ( 8 ) loads of laundry and get the kids ready for school in the morning.


Ruth said…
Hey, welcome back!! I am happy you had a great weekend!!!
mommyof4 said…
Glad you had a fun girly weekend, I need me one of those!:)
Renee said…
Sounds great. Glad you had a good time and got to eat lots!
holli said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Now wouldn't it be nice if you came home and someone else had magically done the laundry - PFTZ!!!! Oh well.. one can dream!

Suz said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Just the kind of weekend I need.

Happy Belated Birthday To Hailey!

Hugs Suz

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