"I am realdy seeweeus"

Last night we had the Spring performance for the kid's school. They go to a elementary school grades K-5. Only the K's and 4 & 5's were in the play. So that means Hailey was in it but not Emily. It was pretty cute, it was the Elephant's Child. I do have to say that after the performance 2 years ago They only do one every other year that this year was.......well........a bit lame.......can I say that??? oops guess I already did. They did "Rats" 2 years ago....and well.....it was amazing.....like unbelievable....totally professional and 5*****. The kids were cute though and it was really an elementary performance and well ya these are elementary kids so.....Hailey was really cute and the 2 songs that they sang were really adorable. Xangelle's son JJ didn't fail to disappoint either and was the little character that he is.....on stage for all to see.....really too cute had J and I laughing!!!

on the way home we took the kids through Dairy Queen to buy them an ice cream. Faith was quite concerned that she wasn't going to get the ice cream that was bribed, I mean promised, to her before the performance.....how else do you get a 3 year old to sit for an hour....while she just wants to be on that stage like there is no tomorrow???..... she had us in stitches in the car with her free expression of her love of all things chocolate.....

J said " Faith relax.....we are getting you ice cream"

Faith said " choc -o - lat ice deam?"

J said " yes Faith chocolate ice cream......you know Faith your going to have to watch it with all the hamburgers and chocolate you want to eat ALL the time!"

Faith said " but I yuv hambudders and ice deam and choc-o-lat........dat's why I eat de stuff duz I yuv it"

we all start giggling

Faith said "I am realdy seeweeus....... I yuv all dat duff"

it was sooooo cute.....since she hurt herself....I have been basically giving her whatever she wants.....guilt is a powerful thing!!! now whenever J leaves for work she asks him if he can bring her something home. He says yes Faith what would you like.....she says " ummm a hambudder and fwench fwies and..........tetchup"......ya think she is addicted to McD's????

chiropractor update - so I took her to the chiropractor yesterday.....he said that she has an inversion sprain on her ankle and her hips were way out. He adjusted her hips and her spine a bit and that was about all she would let him do. We are going back on Monday. I think I am going to have to see him myself after she is all better!!!! the amount I have been packing her around is starting to take it's toll on my back.....I know she is almost 4 (less than a month away) however.....she is HUGE for her age, like super tall and she is a bigger boned kid...not fat..... just a big girl....and I don't have a scale but I would wager that she is close to 40 pounds...


Renee said…
That's too cute. I'm with Faith, I like all the things that are bad for me too. It makes life fun.
mommyof4 said…
Don't ya love when they are seeweois!:)
onangelwings said…
Cute cute!
I know what you mean. My back will never be the same. My 2 year old is 38 pounds, my 1 year old is only 16 but add a 12 pound backpack diaper bag and I am carrying about 66 pounds around. Damn that is just crazy...time to lighten the load. The toddler does a lot of his own walking of course but I am constantly hoisting him up onto something. After writing that I am going to lie down. I think I owe it to myself.
Ruth said…
Vewy cute, I yuv pweschool langwage!! We got it goin on here too! Glad she is feeling better still
Kate said…
awww, so so so cute! i'm so seeweeous too!
Shash said…
I love how she talks!!

See you in a week!!

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