I am from

Owlhaven posted this challenge to write where " I am from".... I have read quite a few and they are really neat ways to express yourself creatively and get more insight into who we are....
so here's my attempt at "I am from"

I am from banana bike seats, from Fruit Roll ups and big mouth suckers and renting VHS/BETA machines, from computers in grade 7 thats background was green and the type was a lighter shade of green.

I am from the little house across from the park with the weeping willow trees and lady bugs and gardner snakes.

I am from the gigantic cherry tree, the smell of lily of the valley. I am from Vikings, Leprechauns, Royals, Ukies and Canucks and women who had to be strong and learn to be soft, from Laura and Lloyd and Caroline and Trueman, then Arthur and Sharon and Dwayne.

I am from entrepreneurs and traveling musicians and artists and craftsmen and farmers.
From "forgetfulness is delayed disobedience" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

I am from believers in Faith, the One True God and overcomers.

I'm from beaches on the Pacific Ocean, macaroni and homemade french fries.
From the mom who felt like a failure when her first marriage ended who rose above it, found God and became the hero I want to be, the grandma who lost her husband and kept her Faith and raised the boys by herself, never wavering, never doubting and left a legacy of Grace and Faith and a book full of yummy recipes.

I am from looking at pictures on slides and digging through boxes of photos, walls of fame in homes and the ever presence of a camera.


owlhaven said…
"forgetfulness is delayed disobedience"-- that's a good way to put that...

Loved this post!

Mary, mom to many
Ruth said…
Great I am from, Lala I remember banana seats!!
mommyof4 said…
That was great I remeber those banana seats too!:) Glad Faith is doing better and yourself:)
Pajamas said…
Love you la la....You make my day.
Faith said…
I sooo had a banana seat! I loved it!

great list!
JeepGirl said…
Oh man, one forgets all that cool stuff from your childhood way too easy. Thanks for the reminder. I remember the banana seats and the willow trees. I love those trees, like a tree fort.
Kate said…
That was so beautiful what you said about your mom and grandmother. :) Great post!
Shash said…
Great post. When I get home I'll do this too, ours will be similar maybe i'll just cut and paste yours... hehe

we're home tomorrow night and then I'll see you in a WEEK!!!!
Sue said…
Thanks for visiting me :)
My grandma (and Mom) had loads of recipes too! Wonderful memories!

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