Family Dinner Aftermath......

I totally love having people over. You could say that J and I definitely have the gift of hospitality........ but man does it exhaust you!!! We had my family over yesterday for Easter Dinner. I made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (sour cream and onion mashed potatoes....from hmm hmmm good!!), gravy, brussel sprouts (ewwww J made me do them), green beans and I made crab dip for an appetizer while we were waiting for dinner to be ready....or I should say they had crab dip while they waited and I busted my but!

Not that I don't enjoy cooking for everyone........cuz I is the aftermath that I don't enjoy.....thankfully my cousin's hubby Wayne, helped me do the dishes after the one else offered to help clean up....not one!!! after dinner we had I have more dishes strewn over the house...I was way too exhausted after cooking/cleaning to do the second round of clean up....what a chore.

Oh well.......I guess that all comes with the package of having holidays at your house!! It was a really nice afternoon and everyone had a good time, so it's all good!

The kids don't have school today......maybe I can get them to help me clean up the rest without it turning into a "scene" know the scene where they start doing the fish out of water dance on the floor because you asked them to take a cup out of the living room and take it to the kitchen!!!! They have already been at each other this morning.....fighting over the computer.....and I got the sense that today is going to be a LONG day!!!

what did you do for Easter??


Shash said…
We didn't have any family around so we didn't plan a dinner. (Dad's in West Virginia visiting Gwen with Judy and her crew and Pauline is in Pennsylvania visiting Alicia. Johnny is in Toronto with Marie's family)

On Friday we went to a newcomer family's house for dinner. Saturday we ran around trying to find Easter Sunday clothes, chocolates and a cake for church. Sunday afternoon we went to another newcomer family's house for lunch then a not-so-new but still new family came over to our place for bbq ribs and chicken. Today we went to old friends, from our old town, for lunch and moved our RV that was parked on their driveway all winter and then we took the kids to see Ice Age 2. It's just after 3pm and I'm ready for a nap!!
holli said…
Crab dip - YUM!!!!

I love cooking too - but the clean-up.. YIKES!! Now I feel guilty for not helping Nana more than I did. :(

Bad me!!!
Ruth said…
Yup, we had the big dinner. Dh could never go a holiday without the works!! Leaves us with lots of leftovers and lets me be creative afterwards...

We invited my uncle over for dinner. He doesn't get out much and we, the kids and us, really enjoyed having him here.

All in all it was a nice weekend for us.
Suz said…
I cooked also, made a spiral ham with all the sides. Otherwise the day was nice and quiet.

Hugs Suz
onangelwings said…
Went to the in-laws for dinner. Kids came home with 6 baskets of goodies! Damn chocolate keeps calling my name!

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