Tribute to my hubby J's Birthday

I first met you when you were 17. I was 16. I couldn't help but notice your 6'5" frame and those big hazel eyes. The date was June 1990. We were on our way to Youth Camp..... you were standing outside the bus, I was sitting in the bus and our eyes met for the first time. thanks Xangelle for inviting me to the camp that year!!

We slowly found ourselves trying to be near each other that week. On the volleyball court, taking the hike, sitting on the dock, showing off!! standing in line for canteen. The attraction was there.......before the week was over you were rowing me in a boat away from everybody! trying to get away from nosey Rachel "our little seal" who wanted to hear what you were going to "ask".......and we did and you asked me gingerly "will you go out with me?"..........I said yes with my heart pounding a mile a minute.

You lived in Burnaby and I lived in White Rock and you took the bus and walked the 45 minute distant from the closest bus stop to my house!! You did work around the house for my the were one of a kind!! you were always respectful and loving and talked to me on the phone for hours even though you hated talking on the phone.... Xangelle's hubby drove you out to my house that night when we shared our first kiss!! I have so many memories of those 6 months...planning grad together and secretly planning our lives together to the dismay of our parents who thought we were too young.

We broke up Christmas Day!! over a really stupid communication problem! a sweater!! still baffles me but you were never far from my thoughts or my heart.

Over the years we saw each other here and there.....knowing we had a special connection but not really ready to deal with the seriousness of that connection.

I always thought of you as my friend and someone I could count on in times of need. I knew that I respected you...something I never felt with any of my other boyfriends....I never tried to play those stupid mind games with you. You were a strong presence that I admired and always loved.

When I needed a friend the most you were there. It was the fall of 1993 and I was pregnant with Morgan and at the depths of my despair, you came to me when I called. The feelings were all there still but I didn't want to manipulate you into a relationship with a tiny little extra person! I was only 19 you were 20. Still too young to handle what was made my new and sudden change of direction. You were still loving and kind to me. You wanted to be there for me and didn't want to hurt me were gentle and thoughtful in a very difficult time period of my life.

When Morgan was born you came to the hospital to see her. I remember you standing outside my room waiting to come told me she was perfect...there was emotion in your much I desperately wanted her to be yours.....

A few months later you headed down to San Francisco to visit your dad for 3 months. I came down with Morgan for my 20th birthday.....the love was there....we couldn't help it...we knew we were meant to be together...... I had hope that you would be her dad. When you came back you were still not sure if you were ready for the commitment I was waiting Oct you were loved loved Morgan as if she was yours............I knew it was meant to be.

Feb 25th 1995 you took me to Westminster Quay, we bought seafood and steak and planned to make a special meal at home that night......I had no idea you were going to ask me to marry you! I always figured out surprises but you did it! You got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife and if the 3 of us, you Morgan and me could be a family? I said yes through my tears and we quickly called our family to let them know!

Sept 30 1995 my father walked me down the aisle and we were married......after our vows Morgan came up and you held her and made vows to her too....she was wearing a white dress too. We walked down the aisle together as a family....totally happy totally ready for our new lives together. You adopted Morgan legally in 1998, she carries your heart your love and your truly are her father in every way! even Morgan heard God speak to her one day and God told her that He chose you to be her father!

We have been married for over 10 years now. We have 6 babies in heaven waiting for our arrival and we have 4 beautiful daughters here with us. We have had our share of ups and downs, sorrows and laughter. There were times when no one thought we would make it, including us! but look at us now baby!!!we have and we are getting stronger every day. I love you with my whole heart, you really do complete me. You are my best friend and the best father to our children. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you and live our adventure together to the fullest.

Happy Birthday


Ruth said…
Oh my gosh, you made me tear up!! Happy birthday to J!!
Shash said…
k I'm crying now too!! Happy Birthday J!!
mommyof4 said…
Crying now! What a beautiful story! Happy Birthday to your best friend.:)
cara said…
that was the sweetest thing ever!

happy birthday big guy!
holli said…
That was so sweet!! I only hope I can have something so special someday!!!
Suz said…
What a wonderful love story, thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday To J!

Hugs Suz
Renee said…
That gave me chills. Sounds like y'all have been through so much together and always knew that y'all were meant to be with each other.

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