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Thirteen Things about LALA

1…. I come from a big family....I have 3 sisters and loads of cousins and aunties and uncles and 6 nephews and 2 nieces and 1 great-niece- sadly I have no living grandparents

2. We had a couple of foster sisters and one foster brother and 2 of my cousins living with us at different points......we also had lots of know the ones you find sleeping on your couch in the mornings! because my parents were elders in the church we also had every guest speaker or family in need live at our house

3. because of all the people in our house my dad designed and built a 4 story 8 bedroom 4 full bathroom house on Nancy Green Way - close the bottom of the gondula at Grouse Mountain N.V.

4. shortly after we all moved in (and some of us even had to share rooms and he made a storage room into a bedroom)......everyone moved out!!!! my 2 cousins and 2 oldest sisters both got married in a 2 year period - in 2 years there were 4 of us living in the house.....we moved shortly after

5. when we moved to the hobby farm we got horses, my parents bought 1 and we were given 2

6. Afraya was my favorite, she was an Arabian mare, dark red, beautiful and a great personality, we bred her with our neighbors Quarter Horse and we watched the baby filly be born. I named her Morning Glory, my dad gave her to our neighbors...........I was angry at that....I didn't know it was because my dad's business was going under and they couldn't afford the horses anymore

7. J and I want to have a hobby farm now too, the whole shabang!! horses, chickens, a milking cow, some pot bellied pigs!!!

8. J has a huge family!!! he has 1 older half brother that he just found out about, he has 2 full younger sisters, he has 1 younger step brother, 1 younger step sister, 1 younger half brother, 3 younger half sisters and countless nephews and nieces

9. J and I always wanted a big family, we do! we have 6 babies in heaven and 4 daughters

10. we have talked about adopting some day

11. I forget that my 2 oldest sisters are half sisters, my dad adopted them when he married my mom, he didn't need to have more kids, he was happy with them, my mom wanted more kids and wasn't feeling done when she had me even.

12. my dad's dad died when my dad was 2 years old, his mom remarried when he was 13, it took him 7 years before he could call Grandpa, dad, my daughter Emily is named after my Grandpa, Emile.....he was my favorite grandparent....I loved him so much and miss him still

13. for 3 generations on my side a father has adopted his wife's children........

I have a great family!!

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JeepGirl said…
I gre up on a hobby farm too. Loved it ! What great memories !
We raised feeder pigs (loved being able to have the premie piggies in the basement of the house), horses, a jackass, ducks, beef cattle (to eat) and a billy goat that was real mean. The jack-ass and the goat were left in our yard as a joke by some friend of my parents.
Shash said…
At one point there were 18 people under one roof! The noise of a full house was normal to us and still is. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
Suz said…
Sounds like you had a great childhood. Wow on the big house your dad built.

#13 is so cool that they all did that.

Hugs Suz
Mine are up
mommyof4 said…
I would love to have horses! Your childhood sounded very busy and exciting and what a big family!:)
Ruth said…
Wow, that is awesome that you had so many people in your house. We used to have a bunch of people visit, but only once did someone actually move in. She moved out quickly when she didn't like the rules!!
Suz said…
Hey Lala, Here is the link to the site for the "Linky Box".

In the link it will tell you how to put it into your blog.

Hugs Suz
WendyWings said…
Wow you do have a big family, compared to mine that is.
My TT list is up :)
WendyWings said…
Lala that last one was one of the LIES, I REALLY am going to the Emmys in August. One of the other 12 options is the truth :)
Chaotic Mom said…
It would be interesting to look at your "family tree"! ;)

I like how you stated how many babies in heaven and how many daughters you have. Looking at it that way, we have four babies in heaven and three sons. We've considered foster care and adoption, too. Not at this moment, though.

Thanks for stopping by my T13!
Carmen said…
Sounds like you have a great family. Thanks for visiting my 13 :)
owlhaven said…
Wow! Sounds like a really neat house to grow up in. I wish we had an extra bedroom or two so we could talk about more babies! Hubby says when our big ones move out, maybe we'll 'backfill'
Mary, mom to many
Anonymous said…
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