Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about LALA ~ 13 reasons why I want to move up North

1….my hubby has always wanted to live in a small town

2. we will be debt free and still have $$ in the bank

3. we would be living on acreage

4. we will get horses - I had horses from age 11-17, I think horses are great for young teenage them something to think about besides boys and clicky girls and fashion!!!

5. we will have chickens........ok might sound strange but....I have always wanted to have chickens!!

6. my girls are total outdoor cowgirls and living up North will give them that environment

7. I can put the girls in 4-H clubs with their animals - Hailey and Faith want pigs!!

8. the house has a hot tub!!!

9. the school the girls would go too has a bus system!! ya no driving for me!!

10. the school has all day kindergarten!!! woot woot!! got to love that!

11. the look on my girls face when we told them we were going to live on a farm

12. the look on J's face when I said ok I want to do this too

13. because I feel this is what we are being led to do

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Kimmy said…
Good for you! Girls definitely need something to be involved in... and keep their mind off of boys and peer pressure! Plus... it's kinda like bein' with boys... horses butts and pigs ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
Dawn said…
Love the list. We live in the country and have 2 horses. My in-laws have chickens and I love them!

Great list!

Mine are up.
Shash said…
but I won't get to see you when I come to visit Ma and Pa... ;-(

I've always wanted land too, I loved growing up on 10 acres and having all the cats and dogs we wanted and horses too. I don't love chickens, remember the smell from the farm below ours!!!! YUCK

I hope you get top dollar for your house.
Ruth said…
Wow, I would LOVE to live in the country, on a farm, but it is just not feasible yet!!

Sounds like a nice place to go!!
Lala's world said…
shash you know when you come out to visit mom and dad that I will drive down to visit too!!
oh and we have someone interested in our house...with no realtors and renos!! so pray...that could be amazing!
Renee said…
Great reasons! Farm life . .
Suz said…
Happy TT, Sounds like great reasons to move up north. Your list makes me want to live on a farm.

My daughter loves horses. I think most girls do.

Hugs Suz
Great list! I live in the country too. Thanks for visiting my TT.
FrogLegs said…
Good reasons to move- acreage alone!! I want to move back south-- but then again, costs up here are insane! :) happy TT! I'm late getting around.. sorry!
Jackie said…
That about makes me want to move :)
mommyof4 said…
Alright for you! Would love to have horsees!! Can I come visitat your new home;) It sounds like you made a good decsion:)
JeepGirl said…
Sounds like a GOOD life !!
I love the country too. We live in town, but the town is pop. 1,370 so its small. My father in law owns three hobby farms so we get some good country life and gardens.

We had chickens growing up. Always had to help butcher them in the end tho. Now those are some memories !

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