Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about LALA ~ 13 of my favorite shows when I was a kid

1…Knight Rider

2 Little House on the Prairie

3 Dukes of Hazzards

4 A-Team

5 Fragile Rock

6 Muppet Show

7 Miami Vice

8 Wonderful World of Disney (Sunday nights at 6 - the weekly movie)

9 Golden Girls

10 The Incredible Hulk

11 Charlie's Angel's

12 Battlestar Galactica

13 Wonder Woman

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Shash said…
I see issues with hero worship... :-)

I loved those too, maybe it had to do with the fact that we only had a few channels that worked while we lived on the farm? Unless we wanted to change the direction of the antenna with the big rope attached through the living room window...

You forgot a few good ones, we used to sing the theme song all the time. "Believe it or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free-e-e, flying away on a wing and a prayer, who-o could it be... believe it or not it's just me." (American Hero?)

And Eight is Enough... those were the days of TV!
Anonymous said…
well it was nice to see in person
well i still think u where shy to say hi to me so take care my snob friend
Lala's world said…
k my sis just reminded me of another one
the greatest american hero!! goes with the song that she posted...believe it or not I'm walking on air....oh man talk about flash backs!!! too funny
Ruth said…
I love Little House On The Prairie, but one of my favourites was Green Acres...ask me why? I have no idea, I just loved it!!

What a great subject!! My TT is up.
Fraggle Rock was my secret fave! My parents didn't let me watch it, but I had a friend tape it for me.

I'm adding you to my TT links list.
Xangelle said…
Way too funny! I watched all of those too except for Charlie's Angels and Battlestar Galactica. Just so funny! Love ya!
JeepGirl said…
Oh man, I still watch The Dukes of Hazard. Tom Wopat is from our neck of the woods. His Aunt still lives in our town. She used to be one of the head cooks in the school system when I was as school. She is cool lady. She said that he visits here once in a while.

I also remember the Wonderful World of Disney, Charlie's Angels and Wonderwoman.
Cool - oh crap, does this show our age?
JeepGirl said…
I also grew up on a farm (more of a hobby farm) my parents worked at the hospital. We had to change the darn antenna on the black & white set too !
Lala's world said…
it totally shows our age!!!
momyblogR said…
Great list. I loved Happy Days too, lol!
Suz said…
Happy TT!

Great List, I use to watch all of those.

Love Golden Girls and still watch the reruns sometimes.

Hugs Suz
Renee said…
Here, here on Little House on the Prairie! My favorite as a kid!
Kimberly Alexander said…
I bought the Fragil Rock bax set on DVD for my kids. They love it. My daughter loves Golden Girls, she watches it all the time. Other than that I don't really know the rest of your list, I guess I am just to young. Tell me what ever happened to good cartoons and shows. The junk now days it just that Junk..
mommyof4 said…
I remember watching almost all of them! I loved fraggle rock! Man I feel old. Where can you find that box set of the faggle rock? Kimberly mentioned.
Kimmy said…
So funny. Some of those I had forgotten about. My brother used to have a Knight Rider big wheel. Oh. David Hasselhoff.

My 13 are up, too!
Laura said…
aw childhood memories!
you are linked and my TT is here

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