Snow memories

It is snowing here on the West Coast....something we don't get too much of! I remember getting a lot more when we were kids!! global warming??? I don't know but it is not as cold as I remember it being at any rate!! Today the sun is shining and it was snowing at the same time!! a really beautiful sight!

I was sitting by the window watching Hailey attempt to build a snowman as big as herself...and I remembered building snow things!! I remember when I was about 4 or 5 and my dad built this huge igloo in our backyard!! it was so fact our dad was pretty cool...he did neat things with us like that! this igloo was well done...the architect in my dad coming out even in snow!! we had a door way that we had to crawl through and rounded walls and everything...even a hole in the roof...totally cool!! it lasted a long time.... you know when all the snow is melted and your snowman is some melted image, kind of like the wicked witch of the east melting in "wizard of oz"......

I have great memories of taking us tobogganing....playing for hours outside til you had no feeling in your nose, ears, fingers and toes!!.....the few times I have gone sister shash and I have a knack for almost going off cliff's..... oh and this one time at Mt. Baker we were there for a youth/college and career retreat and my dad was the speaker (runs in the family!!) and in our free time we all went outside to play in the snow and my dad built this AMAZING fort in the snow....he was great at making forts...we had one at every house we lived in...the last one being way high up in a 30 feet up..with slides and rope swing and trolleys..way cool stuff.... this snow fort was in the side of a big hill. There were all sorts of entrance ways with tunnels linking all over the place and in one part he made this huge slide...under the a water slide...totally cool....I remember being in awe of what he created...makes me wonder how much free time we had that day??? I am sure he had lots of help..and could have been dangerous but no one got hurt, no snow was so cool!

what are some of your favorite "snow" memories???


holli said…
wow - i wish you had a picture of that igloo. i always wanted to try and build one!! but i don't think we ever got that much snow until i was in highschool.. and by then - i was just too cool to build igloos!! :)
Renee said…
I have too few snow memories, because I probably only experienced snow 2 or 3 times during my childhood and it melted in about 15 minutes.
Ruth said…
We always had lots and lots of snow. We used to shovel the snow up from the road onto the grassy part at the end of our driveway. (can't think of a better way to explain that!!) The snow was always WAY taller then us. we would dig holes and tunnels and doorways through it. It was so much fun.

Now that I am a mom, I hear myself telling my kids how dangerous it is to have a roof on top!! What happened to me???

And cross country skiing while my dad snowshoe'd (sp, I know that one is wrong!) We used to go through the entire area we lived in and end up at the little highway at the other side of the town!!

I could go on and on...
I'm originally from Chicago, transplanted here in Texas. I remember taboggaing with my paternal grandpa - loved it.

Thanks for your comments on my blog!
We travel through Cherryvale, Kansas, and my daughters have created a whole story about how all the cherry trees move to that town when they're being fitted for wedding dresses, and Sing 'Cherryvale' over and over to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Shash said…
Hey La, when you left here on Monday - you took winter with you. We've had 10 C and sun ever since, we're wearing our spring coats now. Thanks!!

Remember that pond in the back yard on Milton? I remember doing a lot more outdoor skating as a kid. Going to Mt Seymour to toboggan. Mt Baker... almost flew off the cliff there!! Do you remember running between the hot tub and the snow banks... cool memory.

I remember all the wonderful things Dad did with us, Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall. Thanks Daddio!
mommyof4 said…
EWWW snow! It was in the high 60's here today nomore snow for me thanks!
That igloo does sound cool though!
I remeber in 1993 we had a huge snowstorm like five or more feet of snow. The best thing I liked abou it was that everyone was helping each other. All the neighboors Noone knew came out on them days. We were a community and everyone got along! It is hard to see that around here.

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