Ready for some venting????

so the last couple of days I have been busting my but!!! we had that investor coming Wednesday so...... I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned....till my feet were aching and I could tell I was going to be hurting after all was said and done! I washed walls and my hands are sore from the amount of bleach that I used!! but hey you could eat off any surface of my house!!

the guy shows up with his wife and looks through the house and then when they were finished he stood by the door and said to me......."so what are you looking from me?" .........I don't think I could hide the surprise from my face...I tried not to start stuttering......I think we quickly recovered....."um um um um well C told me that you were looking to buy another house and so that is why I told her she could tell you to come look, cuz we are selling our house" you see he is a real estate agent too and I guess if he doesn't want to buy a house for himself he will try to sell it for you!!! well my mom and dad own a real estate company so...... we don't need an agent...... I WAS SOOOOOOO ANGRY............. I had busted my but, ranted at my kids and did hardly anything Mon-Wed because I was cleaning so much and it is the kids Spring Break still!!! I felt awful, there are many things I would have rather done. Yes it is nice that the house is so clean.....but I could have done that on my own time and not played the sergeant to the kids!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh deep sigh......let it all out!!

so that's that.....he called me yesterday to tell me that the numbers just don't work for him to buy it as an investment this I already told C about to tell him......our house isn't the kind you could buy renovate and flip for a big is nice the way it is and we are asking about as much as the market is allowing so......ahhhh ok nother deep breath....he said that if it doesn't work out with selling the house with my parents ok I couldn't believe he said that but anyways to keep him in mind...... YA RIGHT!!!

then yesterday we were supposed to the get the carpet in the girls room but he was too busy to come so he is coming the entire contents of the girls room is in our living room...bunk get the picture....I am glad he is coming today cuz we are having our oldest's B-party tonight....well slumber party poor girl only 2 of her friends can make it.... so the house is probably going to end back in it's usual chaotic state!!!

also yesterday my mom called me from the doc's office to tell me that dad was in with our Doc.......that freaked me out cuz my dad NEVER goes to the doctor!! everything turned out to be ok, he was lightheaded and having muscle pain but it was because he pruned trees on the weekend and inflamed muscles in his neck and that was restricting blood flow......whew deep breath ok hello....J is a landscaper!!! he can do the pruning for you!!! my dad is turning 60 this year and is very fit and healthy but maybe he shouldn't be pruning trees anymore!!!

we are going to look at a house on Sat. morning.....not up North....this is about 1/2 hour East of here.....we are just looking at all our options and we can't afford a hobby farm anywhere in the Fraser Valley and since nothing has come up up North that we like.....we are just seeing if maybe we buy a nice house and lease a horse for Morgan and put her in a 4-H club until we can find a place up North or afford a hobby farm down here......decisions decisions.....J's business' are doing really well right now so...that is why we are starting to hesitate....meanwhile we are hoping to get our house listed by April 1st and J said that we will show the house on Saturdays and that's it!! yaaaaa that makes me feel so much better. I don't think I could handle being sergeant to the kids for the next couple of months.................

whew thanks for listening....cept for the headache that I woke up with I feel much better


Renee said…
Wow, that's a lot to deal with. well, it sounds like you have a good plan. Everything will work out eventually . . hang in there.
Have a great weekend!
Ruth said…
Hey, sounds like a frustrating kinda time!! It really will work out for you all. Hope you have a better weekend!!
JeepGirl said…
Sorry that some people in the world have to be such jerks !! I can't believe some people!
Sounds like your pretty level headed and have everything under control, (in your mind anyway).
Hang in there, things will get better. I have moments like that with my kids too. They know that mom and dad love them very much.

Have a better weekend.
At least your house is real clean now.
mommyof4 said…
WoW that was a load! I am glad your dad is alright:) I hope in the end everything works out for you! Hey I watched North Country tonight, I cried like a baby. I can relate to parts of that too. Take care and take some time off from cleaning and enjoy them kiddos of yours:)
Shash said…
WHY DOESN'T ANYONE CALL ME WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO DAD????!!!! I still can't get a hold of them, tell them to call me!

p.s. I like the idea of you living closer to the lower mainland... sorry, but I do...
Chaotic Mom said…
Very frustrating. We really fixed up our last house when a totally aggrivating ex-neighbor drove up, told me she'd heard we were selling, wanted to buy our place as an investment property. The whole year she lived down the street from me she'd NEVER said "Hi", raced down the street in her truck nearly hitting my boys, and now wanted to buy my property as an investment!

I told her that it was OUR investment, that we had fixed it up to sell, even added a half bath. She invited herself in and proceded to look for the half bath. I'M NOT KIDDING!

I told her thanks, but she's welcome to look at the house when we listed it and had an open house, but the price was set and very competitive with the local market. She sent her parents to the open house. It was such a hot property, though, there was a bidding war and we got over asking price. HA!

But, grrrr..... ;)

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