new carpet!!! yaaaa

I am so excited to have new carpet in my room down.... a lot more to go!! now I just have to touch up the paint in the office,...install the baseboard (well that will be J's job) and we talked about replacing all the carpet upstairs with laminate flooring..... it actually feels like we are making progress....why does it only happen in preparation for moving though???

I am babysitting my little niece from J's side...her mom is being induced tomorrow morning to have their 2nd child..very exciting having a baby around again!! I forget how much you have to watch 2 year olds and it is always more stressfull when it is someone else's child cuz you don't want them to get hurt on your watch!!!

well off I go to drive kids home and pick other kids up.....the story of my life!!!


Ruth said…
Yay!!! New carpet is nice. I would love to carpet my upstairs...maybe one day. And yay for having a new baby around soon, it is so exciting.
Renee said…
New carpet; I definitely need some of that.
And a new baby; most days I actually think I'd like to have one of those too. I'm nuts.
mommyof4 said…
Story of my life also!:) New carpet is always so nice for the firt week or so until the first drink is spilled on it;)
Shash said…
Yah the trick is now keeping it clean!

I'd LOVE to have carpet - new or old!! I'm still living with bare construction wood floors... we're going through socks like crazy!!

Getting new things is a great feeling so I am happy for you. My time will come...
Vicky said…
Glad you got your new carpet. Are there pictures?

...and picking up kids...story of my life too :)

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