a little bit of this a little bit of that

I am actually surprised that I gone done as much yesterday as I did!! woot woot

I got the laundry done.....just a few more loads to do from yesterday!! and put it away

I cleaned the house, including bathrooms and vacuuming!!

I got groceries!!!

I got all my stuff done for church!!

so all I have to do today is drop my tax info at the accountants and pack!!! and of course keep the laundry up to date!!!
I feel really good about what I accomplished yesterday!!! and I even posted 2 blogs!!!

not many days when I get that much done!! I actually remembered to take some asthma/allergy medicine before I went to bed.......I can actually say that it really makes a difference....... a huge difference really....... I had so much more energy yesterday, so I took another one last night and I actually feel less sluggish this morning..... you were right Xangelle!!

side note time : we watched Walk the Line last night. It was awesome!!! The acting was fantastic, the music was incredible and the entire movie was just so well done......totally give it 5 LALA stars!!! I think both Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix were amazing and totally deserve their Oscar nominations.

American Idol - I know I am Canadian and can't vote but I love this show and have to be honest and say it is better than Canadian Idol....I can't stand Brian Mullroney...he sucks and is painful to watch!!! .....watched the women sing last night....have to say I wasn't blown away by anyone!!! I tend to think Simon is the most accurate judge and although has a harsh approach is usually right..... I look forward to listening to the guys tonight and am really a big fan of Taylor Hicks.....I hope he wins!!

Oscars - planning on watching it in Ontario....I don't think I have missed an Oscar in years..... being the big movie buffs that we are..J and I really enjoy watching them and cheering on our favorites... here are my picks and hopefuls to win
Actor in a leading Role - Joaquin Phoenix Walk the Line
Actor in a supporting role - Matt Dillon - CRASH was another amazing movie
Actress in a leading role - Reese Witherspoon Walk the Line - she is going to win or Felicity Huffman
Actress in a supporting role - my guess is Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener - which was another good movie
Directing - I think Brokeback Mountain director is going to win although I have not seen this movie
It also may win the Best Picture but I think CRASH should win

that's my opinions anyways!!!

ok well off for the day.....I will not be able to blog for a while maybe not even till I get back
so if I don't see you before
good morning
good afternoon
and good night (from Truman Show.....another really great movie!!)


Vicky said…
Have a great trip LaLa and thanks for the plug for Walk the Line. I really want to rent that this weekend!

JeepGirl said…
Man oh man, you got most of your laundry done. Not fair !! I'm telling, (not sure who but its still not fair)
holli said…
You're very organized - I'm jealous!!

I love watching the Oscars too!!!
Renee said…
WOW, that was a lot of information in one post!
I'm addicted to American Idol too.
cara said…
lala! henri and i love taylor hicks too! he is so unique and talented. i hope he doesn't get voted out just because he doesn't look like an american idol. and i saw walk the line on the plane back to paris. loved it too. wish i could watch the oscars live. oh well. can't have everything.
Ruth said…
Hey Lala,

I love Taylor Hicks too. My daughter tells me that the grey haired man is on, if I am in the kitchen or something, so I don't miss him!!

Yay, the weekend iscoming soon!!
mommyof4 said…
Taylor Hicks is so awsome!! I love chris Daughtry he so hot and can sing his butt off! Your getaway is almost here! Have a great time!
Shash said…
No More Sleeps!!! See you later today. Don't forget to take that decongestant. Hope you bring WARM clothes....

Suz said…
Wow, you did get a lot done.

I want to see Walk The Line, but havent had a chance yet.

I watch AI also, also like Taylor Hicks but afraid he may not make it all the way :-(.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Hugs Suz

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