I'm back baby!!!

whew what a whirlwind of a trip!!!
and yes 8 years is way too long to go back East to visit Shash and 5 days is way too short to make up for it !! She is coming out in May for our Niece's wedding...so I am thankful that I get to see her again soon!!

I am thankful that I was able to go...... J told me that he missed a lot of work because of it and next time I need to go when things are slower for him!! but I know that the sacrifice will be blessed! he is glad that I finally got to go though and was glad that we had a good time and he did enjoy being with the kids so much. So it's all good.

I am a little tired........I don't know what time it is?!?! the time change is always a bit of an adjustment for me but I will be fine soon! I missed the girls and I missed J so it is always good to be home with them. They waited up for me to get home....10:30pm....needless to say everyone is a little tired today and infact one of them couldn't pull themselves together to go to school.....yup a complete meltdown!!!

and I have to brag about my hubby here.....I came home to a perfectly clean house....like really people he has better cleaning skills than I do!! even the play room was organized and cleaned out. He said he threw away 6 garbage bags of toys! My bedroom was clean the kitchen and the bathrooms!!! I was and still am in total awe...I have the best hubby in the whole world!! for those of you who know me and J that is amazing!! and all I have to do is some laundry. I am serious too the house is SO clean....now to keep it that way!! hahehahe..... he also picked up some carpet for free!! so we can start replacing the 1970 red and blue shag carpet in the kids bedrooms and the red funky disco carpet in the office!! so YEAH for J!!!

As for meeting her friends.....that was neat.......I hear all about them and have started to get to know some of them through this marvelous world of blogging, nothing like meeting them in person though!! It was a really good weekend at the retreat. What a beautiful place....I don't remember the last time I saw more than 6 inches of snow!!!! there must have been over 4-5 feet and the sun was shining the whole weekend.....it really was amazing. Watching my sister walking in her giftings and leading a retreat was really neat for me too.....and emotional....hello....anyone have Kleenex??..... I was so truly blessed. I will talk about more of it soon......still brings up emotions.....running out of Kleenex here!

side note time ~~

Oscar picks - yaaaa I did get to watch it at my sister's house!! .....well I was right about Reese Witherspoon and Crash winning the best picture.....if you haven't seen either movie Walk the Line or Crash.... I would highly recommend that you do. For those of you who are sensitive viewers Crash does have bad language and some nudity but the message is real and gripping and J and I couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom while we watched it...really really moving about what racism is and how it affects everyone!

American Idol - I missed it last night!! I think the winner will be a guy this year...Elliott Yamin, Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry are the best singers while Ace Young gets points for looks, he doesn't have the talent that the other 3 have.

Amazing Race - I missed this last night too!!! time change!! I was on a plane when it was on....they showed a really sucky movie on board...with nudity!! I couldn't believe it....there were children on board....really shows our today's standards and lack of morals.


Xangelle said…
Yah, You're back.

Good to hear that you had an awesome time. That's great about your house. J is awesome! I love coming home to a clean house. Maybe you need to get a job making a bazillion dollars a year and J could stay home and play house. Hee Hee! Oh well, looking ofrward to getting together with you and hearing all about it. Love ya lots.
mommyof4 said…
I am glad you had a good time! Crash was a great movie it is my favorite now. I love chris On AI i want him to go all the way. Last night I think the best girl was mandisa, that girl can sing!! Nice to have you back look forward to stories from your retreat:)
Suz said…
Welcome Back! Glad you had a wonderful time. Cant wait to read mor about it. Sounds like you have a great hubby there to keep the house all straightened up.

I havent seen either of those movies yet but want to see both. I liked Mandisa & Katharine last night for AI. I also watched The Amazing Race, love that show!

Hugs Suz
Ruth said…
Hey, coming home to a clean house AND free carpet, maybe you should go away more often!! JK
Shash said…
I agree with Ruth! Thank you for coming out La, it was great to learn so much from my baby sis.

Love you lots!

p.s. I came home to a disaster... your man needs to talk to mine! :-)
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