Happy Birthday Morgan !!

Happy Birthday Morgan

it was 12 years ago today you were born. 7 lbs 8 oz and 21 1/2 " long. I loved you instantly and was overwhelmed at how much I loved you. You were very alert, you lied in the cart in the hospital and just looked around.....you were and still are beautiful.

You had colic for the first 6 weeks!! you started crying at 5pm and went right to 3am. Nothing seemed to comfort you.....it was a long 6 weeks....even Nana and Papa had to take turns walking you up and down the hallway....there were moments I thought I was going to lose it!! but we made it through and at 6 weeks you finally took the soother and stopped crying all night....what a relief!

You came to work with me and loved to be surrounded by people....you were so affectionate and would quickly run to hug anyone who came to the door. It became a race to see who could make it to the door before you flung it open and hugged the surprised stranger..... stranger danger was not a concept that you quite understood!! thankfully you were safe and besides hiding in bolts of fabric so I couldn't find you.....I had no serious scares.

You have always loved animals and preferred stuffed animals to any doll or barbie...in fact the few barbies you had I found naked and pulled apart and buried in the yard! you would play "animals" for hours and would become that animal...to the point where you wouldn't answer me unless I called you by your animal name!

You were so excited to become a big sister and were so gentle and loving to Emily. I was so happy to finally give you a sibling and a sister all in one!! Hailey quickly followed and Faith not too long after that. After Faith was born you asked me, politely not to have any more babies.....I guess our house was pretty full and after having dad and I to yourself for almost 5 years to have 3 sisters in 3 years was a big adjustment for you. You are such a good sister and so responsible and helpful to me. I appreciate all you do.

You are loving and kind and creative and adventurous. You love the outdoors and have a deep love of animals and people. You have always wanted to do something with horses when you grow up and we hope to help you achieve that goal. Whatever you set your mind too you can do. We believe in you and are always here for you. As you enter this last year of "pre-teen" you will have many emotional ups and downs..... and then some....changing into a young woman isn't always easy....but you will do it and we know that you are becoming a young woman of destiny and Godly character.

We love you Morgan..........Happy Birthday!!!!


Shash said…
I can't believe you're 12 already!! I was there for your birth and for those first couple years of your life. I missed being closer to watch you mature into the young lady you are becoming. I was priviledged to be at your water baptism last September. I'm glad I still get to share in the bigger moments of you life. Have a great birthday and never forget that your favourite auntie loves you lots :-)
Renee said…
what a great tribute to your oldest girl. Happy Birthday to her!
Vicky said…
Beautifully written! Happy Birthday to Morgan!
wow what a wonderful story so nice hope to be able to meet all of you eventually!!!
Laura said…
awwwww happy birthday Morgan! I hope it is a fabuylous day for you. You share the day with someone near and dear to me, my punky little sister Valerie, but she is really OLD now as she is 37!
JeepGirl said…
Ain't that the truth. They grow so darn fast it's scary. Yet if you tell them that or they hear you saying that, they just roll their eyes. Darn them, why can't they stay little!!!! Still, its fun to have them at a responsible age and able to help when called on.
She is a beautiful young lady!
Happy Birthday !!
Ruth said…
Very nice...Happy birthday to Morgan!!
mommyof4 said…
Happy Birthday Morgan! LALA now ar oldest are both 12:)
Kate said…
awww that was sooo sweet! i have goosebumps now. :)mzdxd

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