and they call it.....Puppy love....

my little Emily has a boyfriend....... well sort is sooooooooooo cute!!!

We have a new family at our church, they have 2 little boys and the oldest is Emily's age. We have gotten together a couple of times and these 2 have really hit it off.

Emily just loves to play with pretty much anyone and boys are just as good as girls......I have to say that he fell in love with her first. He started referring to her as his girlfriend after the first time they came over. He told his mom on the way home that he loves her and what was he going to do about his other girlfriend from school???? so cute and so mature for his 6 years of age. yes he is a younger man....he turns 7 in Sept. The second time they came over he brought her a present! he gave her a little heart that lights up......she loves it.....she sleeps with it on her bed!!! so at church on Sunday she wrapped up a car and gave it to him!! he kind of follows her around....she loves the attention although she does get upset if she hears you say "girlfriend or boyfriend". Because she doesn't like people saying that....he told his parents not to refer to her as his girlfriend anymore because Emily doesn't like!!! He told his parents that he is going to marry her. He is completely sold out on her.

He told his mom in the van the other day that he wants to invite Emily to his birthday party but none of his friends from school cuz he would be embarrassed if they made "retard episodes" in front of her!! can you believe this kid??? he actually has the sensitivity to be aware of how Emily would feel with his friends!!! totally cute....have I said that yet??? he is really attentive to her and thoughtful. A real gentleman. It is so totally innocent and pure.

They were playing video games here the other day and he was playing with Morgan and Emily was starting to get upset at the shift of attention and so she said to him....."you are playing with her more so I think you like her more than me" ok what a girl....starting the mind games already!!.... and he looked at her and said honestly, cuz he is as honest as they come, " I don't love her (morgan), I love you".....she smiled and all was right in their little world again! talk about playing the female role to the hilts, playing a mind game, looking for conformation on how he is feeling about her....ayyaaayaaiiii!!

This all reminds me of when I was young. I had a boyfriend in K-6 same guy......M.S. and he was the same way toward me as this young man is with Emily. He gave me presents, held my hand, gave me cards and notes.......we got married...well pretend and the principal made us get a was cute and very silly at the same time!! I remember his mom saying oh it's puppy love.....and me feeling a little I understand Emily's emotion on it. I told my parents about it last night.....they also remembered my puppy love and the innocence of it all, otherwise they would have put a stop to it.

It is really neat and interesting and well.....just so many watch one of my own childhood experiences happening in one of my daughters............can you hear the song yet....."and they call it puppy love...."


holli said…
I think it's so cute that you wrote this story out. She'll want to know this someday. And yes, I think it is funny how early girls can start the mind games with boys!!! LOL!!
Shash said…
They sound way grown up. My 7 year old still thinks girls are icky and my 5 year old is way into "girls only" clubs.

I remember your crush...did you mention that the wedding was behind the garbage bins?? :)
mommyof4 said…
AWW that is adorable! Hopefully he is that dedicated to a women when he grows up. Just maybe your Emily;)hehe
Renee said…
Yes, they start so early, eh? My oldest has had the same 'boyfriend' since she was 3 years old!
Suz said…
Awww what a cute story. Hopefully this little boy will act the same when he grows up. Love the way Emily acted when he gave Morgan the attention and love what he said.

Happy Belated Birthay To Morgan!

Hugs Suz

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