Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things aboutLALA

1…. I am forever thankful for Mr.Clean Magic Eraser - without which my children's "art" would be forever on public display

2....I am thankful for self cleaning ovens

3.....I am thankful for my dishwasher my favorite appliance without whom my hands would look 30 years older

4.....I am thankful for liquid laundry soap - who knew..... no more scum around the lid??!!!

5....I am thankful for every other major or minor kitchen appliance I have - I don't think I would have survived in another century

6.....I am thankful for razors - I don't go for the European hairy look!

7....I am thankful for make-up without which I would look 30 years older!

7 1/2.....I am thankful for windex - my main cleaner and no I haven't tried it on zits like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" YET

8......I am thankful for my heating pad - without which I would feel 30 years older

9.....I am thankful for modern medicine - what would I do without you my dear Advil?

10.....I am thankful for invention of drive-thru's - what every mom needs, to be able to feed the kids at the same time as getting to yet another destination, enabling us to multi-task even more

11.....I am thankful for the interact card, what did I ever do before you came around? the thought have having to stand in a line in the bank with my children!! thank you inventors of the debit card, thank you!

12.....I am thankful for my vacuum - you do most of the dirty work around here and have to eat the most unthinkable things, I thank you from the bottom of my heart

13........lastly I am thankful for my computer and internet without which I would be bored out of my trees and actually have to do work!! so thank you thank you thank you

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Suz said…
Happy 1st TT! Glad you joined us!

Great list. I would have to definitely agree with all of those.

Hugs Suz
Karen said…
LOL.. love the list! I have to add another one - I'm thankful for the Thursday Thirteen because it keeps me 30 years younger. *grin*

Seriously, that was great and welcome to TT!

My list is up
Mama B said…
I couldn't do without my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Great list!! We all have a lot to be thankful for.
Anonymous said…
You actually have 14.... ;-)
E said…
Isn't it amazing how many things you can find to be thankful for throughout the day. Wonderful list! I just posted my first thirteen as well.
mommyof4 said…
Yes Yes and yes! Great list!
Laura said…
great list! how did our mothers' do it without all these great things you listed?
my TT is up now.
d.challener roe said…
While I do like appliances, Jeni and I always joke when we're at WalMart and see the automatic jar opener...I mean how lazy are we?

My 13:
Lala's world said…
oh you are right anonymous I do have 14!!! oops hehehe
Shash said…
K, it took me a while to figure this out but it's done ~ I did it! Mine isn't as quick witted as yours but it will have to do...
Renee said…
Me too . . for all that!
We never could have made it way back when without all of this technology!
holli said…
What about liquid laundry soap?? You put it in the toilet?
Lala's world said…
have you used liquid laundry detergent yet? it's so great! my clothes smell better and are softer and the lid around my washing maching no longer gets scum build up that powdered soap would leave! it's a marvelous invention and now that I have discovered it there is no going back!

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