Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about LALA's wish list....well only 13 of many wishes in no particular order.....

1. I wish I had a million dollars

2. I wish I had an unlimited pass to a spa

3. I wish I had a suburban

4. I wish my sister in Ontario lived in BC

5. I wish I had a magical wand to do all my house chores

6. I wish my girl's wouldn't fight so much

7. I wish I could have long hair one day and short hair the next then long get the drift...member those dolls that had a hole in the top of their head and you could pull her hair out of it and then cut it and then pull it long again and then cut it??? what was that called?? I loved that doll....until all the hair was cut then she was just a hard plastic doll with a hole in the top of her head!!

8. I wish I had a walk in closet

9. I wish I had more energy

10. I wish I could figure out what to do with my oldest who finds it so easy to lie to me

11. I wish for peace in the world

12. I wish my family could go on a vacation together somewhere hot and tropical SOON

13. I wish for.......more wishes

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mar said…
May all your dreams (or at least some of them)come true! I liked your nr.3: there is a whole ocean between my darling sis and me *sigh*. Nice meeting you and thanks for visiting my tt!
Suz said…
Great List!

I wish I could have a lot of those things also. And as for the doll that can have long & short hair. My sister and I had one, mine was Christi (redish hair) and my sisters was velvet (blonde hair)

Happy TT

Hugs Suz
Kimmy said…
I wish...too! When you get your wishes...ask for wishes for me, too! :p

My 13 are up, too!
Ruth said…
I liked your list. Lots of fun wishes. I have some too, maybe I will do that next time...

I did my first TT today.
Anonymous said…
#4 - I know you miss Shash, but we really do like having her here... so if it's ok, we'd like to keep her for a little while longer
and #13 if you get more wishes... I sure could use some of my own
Renee said…
One of my big wishes is to the ability to eat all I want and never gain weight!
holli said…
I always say I would use one of my wishes for more wishes.. and I wish you would take me with you to the unlimited spa!!!
mommyof4 said…
Good TT wish List. Could I borrow the wand to clean your house if your wish comes true?!
Shash said…
Great TT. Let's see if I've done better with my second TT!
Anonymous said…
I wish that I had nicer in-laws:-)
Thank you for your advice. I will email you later!
Ardice said…
I wish for a lot of these too especially #6. I never could stand to hear my girls argue. My list is up. Have a lovely evening. Take-Care...
PJ said…
Oh yes. Hot and tropical. I am looking out my window as the ice storm cometh.

My TT is up
Erika said…
Hope your wishes come true, at least most of them :) My T13 is up if you'd like to visit :)

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