most embarrassing moments....on road trips

pic #1. me at 13 on this road trip
pic#2 my sister Shash sleeping in a school gym on this same trip
pic #3 my friend Carla on this trip she is the one looking at the camera

here are two of my most embarrassing moments

when I was 13 my private school's choir and bands went on a road trip. We went from White Rock BC to Prince Rupert BC up some more to Grand Prairie Alberta, down to Edmonton Alberta and then home through the Rockies..... if I remember correctly we were gone for almost 2 weeks. That was a lot of driving but I have some great memories of that trip.....and two very embarrassing one's too....

we slept at a lot of church's and some school's..... one place we were staying.....don't remember what town we were in..... was a church....... there was about 25-30 of us all together...... we were all laying down getting ready for sleep....talking.....giggling...... I was sleeping beside one of my sister's friends, Carla, she had been great to me that trip.....I was one of the youngest there.... I was in the band, I played the clarinet and I sang in the choir too...... she used to braid my hair and made me feel comfortable on that principal decided to try to make the trip hard for me telling the chaperones/teachers to keep their eye on me and to make sure that my hair was out of my face all the time. Carla would braid my bangs back for me.......the embarrassing moment with Carla was like I said we were settling in for the night and I went to rub her back....something we took turns at we are lying there in the dark and I start rubbing her back and go higher up her feel wasn't her back!!!!!! she was lying on her back.....and she said "uh Lala.....what are you doing???".......... I almost died from embarrassment and laughter.....she wasn't mad but I think she was embarrassed too...

my 2nd most embarrassing moment was when we staying in Grand Prairie we stayed at a Bible School's dorms and I was having a thing I know I hear my sister's voice saying "hey lala....look up".....I did and only had seconds to cover up as she snapped my picture with her camera......ewwww I was so mad at her......she ended up having them developed at West Edmonton know the places where as the pictures develop they drop by the glass window for anyone who cares to stand there waiting to see......there were a few guys standing there waiting.....I was so mortified......thankfully my arm covered what would have been a truly shocking moment in my life.....thanks Shash!!!!

so what are some of your most embarrassing moments???


Renee said…
Yikes! Those are funny. I love the rubbing of the 'back'. Hey, back then, no one could tell my back from my front!
Shash said…
Well, I'm glad you didn't include a better picture of me!!

The "May Tour" through BC and Alberta was a total of 3 magical weeks... with 40 something teens on one bus. We learned to dress in our seats, inside our clothes if you know what I mean.

It was a fun trip and I totally remember the shower shot!! We were at a Bible College dorm, the nicest of the places we got to stay in. But I think it was in Sexton, BC which is very north - between the ferry ride and Alberta.

We all had our fair share of embarassing moments, that's what the teen years are for!

I remember getting a visit from Aunt Flo - at school in grade 11 - in white shorts!!!! I didn't go back to that school again, I transferred back to the Christian School the next day.
Lala's world said…
see Shash I was so tramatized by the camera shot that I forgot all the other details!!!!
holli said…
Those are fun pics!

I can't narrow my most embarrassing moments down to the space allowed for comments. :)
JeepGirl said…
Ha - I can remember my most embarrassing cause I'm still laughing from yours.

Good blog

(I've got too many embarrassing moments, your site isn't big enough.)
Ruth said…
Haha, those are funny. I have many embarassing moments myself, maybe one day I will share with everyone.

My husband and I used to live in Grande Prairie in 1994 and 1995.
hey you should bring more embarassing pics of sis when you come out k
Shash said…
Oh I don't think bringing pics of my embarassing moments... I have enough photos of my own... I did live through the 80's at the height of big hair and mega shoulder pads!!
mommyof4 said…
I guess they both could be very embarrassing moments!!!! I just was a tad embarrssed today. We went out to eat and Julia had to go potty.She did her buisness and then I went myself. My underwear had little Santa claus on them and she was saying very loudly "mommy santa is on yer panies!
funnypages said…
My most embarrassing moment is quite lenghty. I do have it posted on my web site if you would like to read it A night at the Hilton In addition to my most embarrassing moment, I have some other funny stories, videos, pictures and jokes.

Theresa Adams
mayalovescats12 said…
LOL!Love the first one especially!I also play the clarinet!

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