Men and their behavior

we were watching tv last night.

J was flicking the channels - as usual!!

he stopped on MTV video awards

50cent was singing.

we watched as he strode around the stage

and about oh I don't know

every 2 seconds

he was grabbing at his crotch

like eeeeeeeeeeewwww

I asked J, "why do men do that?"

the simple 3 word answer followed quickly

without missing a beat he says

"because we can"


JeepGirl said…
Yup, they start grabbing it at a young age in the bath tub and then from there they're doomed. Poor little boys. hehe
Suz said…
Thats a male for you! They can be so nasty at times.

Hugs Suz
Anonymous said…
They are their own breed!
Kimberly Alexander
Shash said…
It's like they're saying, "PHEW... I'm still a man!"
Ruth said…
I always thought they wanted to make sure they hadn't lost it!!
momyblogR said…
I KNOW! They have no problem digging, picking, scratching ANYTHING in public. I just don't get it. lol
Anonymous said…
Lastnight I pulled into a Tim Horton's just to turn around. I pulled up beside a van, where this guy was busy picking his nose... digging away at it..
Eeeewwwwww... I'm thinking, "I am sitting here, don't you see me... doesn't this bother you that I can see you."
Apparently not, he didn't stop and I left as quickly as I could.
Anonymous said…
just to let you gals know most guys don't spend our days grabbing our package. most of us a decent hardworking and loving guys. you-all seemed to have picked some bads ones judging from your comments. try shopping around you'll find one you like.

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