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on the weekend we went to J's Aunts and Unlce's 30th Wedding Anniversary party. It was such a great party with quite a lot of people. It also was a formal affair too. I haven't seen J in a tie in such a long time!!!! he looked sooooo handsome.

There was a dance too and J and I did a couple of slower dances, which I am not sure you could call dancing because he kept hip checking his family as we awkwardly made our way across the dance floor.....dance lessons please!! J is a full foot taller than me so by 2 dances in my neck is usually sore from having it completely tilted back to be able to look into his face. I was wearing my platform boots and I still had to dance on my tip toes!! but it was fun and so neat to dance again with him like that.......seriously been years!!

Hearing J's Uncle give his speach to his wife was so moving....I don't think there was a dry eye there. It really was beautiful and made me wonder and hope what and where we will be in 20 more years?!

about yesterday's blog......sorry I kind of cheated, as my sis said....."you just cut and pasted!!!".........I have been on the run a bit and trying to get my house and me ready to go to Toronto on Thursday.....it is amazing how long it takes to get ready to go away for 6 days when you have so many kids!! I have had to organize Hailey before school and for Faith for 4 of the days and birthday parties and ahhhh....I still have to do a bunch of running around, go to the accountants to drop off our tax stuff, finish the hundred pounds of laundry, pack, get groceries so they have snacks for school, show Morgan how to do laundry because no matter how many times I have showed J how to run the machine....he just can't seem to get it right!!.....and I have a few things that I am helping to organize for church that I have to get sent off....whew man all just to get away for 6 days!! but I know it will be worth it.

To make it a bit harder to get my list completed, is that the girls and me all have colds! so I was up last night putting humidifiers in their rooms and listening to them cough, kicking Faith out of my bed about 3 times......she was in full restlessness last night, laying on my arm and twisting and turning, my arm literally feels bruised today from all her squirming!!! then Faith got up at 5 something and peed her bed, getting up turning lights off and on.....oh man I feel wasted.....and I have so much to do!!! there is a theme feeling going on........overwhelmed!!!

The funny thing about me feeling overwhelmed a lot is that I don't feel that way about the things I enjoy doing, it's the things that really don't get a whole lot of my best foot forward if you know what I mean?

So obviously the housework is a big one.....this is just something that I get overwhelmed with on a daily basis......I clean......I tidy........I clean.......I tidy........and no one can tell!!!!!! it is frustrating for sure. I even was given a book by my pastor's wife about 15 min. organization tips. Great book, just got to apply them to have them work...... haha
I get overwhelmed with laundry
I get overwhelmed with the constant state of chaos that is otherwise known as the kids rooms
I get overwhelmed at having to do J's books sometimes
I get overwhelmed at the thought of moving and having to really clean my house....you know the sparkly less cluttered kind of clean!!! not the shifting of piles, move things from one room to another room, how many things can we shove into a drawer kind of clean!!!
I get overwhelmed at some of the kids school projects
I get overwhelmed when I think of how many times I have to go back and forth to school everyday.....the hour it takes me in the afternoon

ever feel like that????? not just me, is it????

I am not really a negative person....at least I don't like to think of myself that way....so I really try not to dwell on how I might be feeling.....I was raised to not be moved by how you feel....

anyways I am really looking forward to my break out with my sister and my mom and getting to know her Eastern family!! so I guess I better get going and get stuff crossed off my "to do list"
thanks for listening....feels better to vent sometimes, get it out how sorry I am feeling for myself and then get on with it....... so here I go...


mommyof4 said…
I hope you have oddles of fun after all the prep work! Breath! It sounds so nice to get away with your sister and mom. I have been reading shashers site. She sounds like a great sister to have! Have fun!
Suz said…
Hugs, I think we all get overwhelmed with those kind of things. It just always seems never anding.

Enjoy your time with your mom and sister!

Hugs Suz
Suz said…
P.S. I hope you and your daughters get rid of your colds soon!

Hugs Suz
Shash said…
I didn't inherit the clean freak gene either, one out of the four of us did... you go Tam!

Don't fret the little things, take a deep breath and get packing...

2 more sleeps!!!!
Shash said…
I didn't inherit the clean freak gene either, one out of the four of us did... you go Tam!

Don't fret the little things, take a deep breath and get packing...

2 more sleeps!!!!
Ruth said…
I can totally relate to the cleaning and cleaning and it never really looks clean.

We gave up on the kids rooms for now, as long as the visible areas are clean, I am happy!!

I could never imagine moving, the house becomes way too sterile for me!!

It is good to get it out and move on too!! You are going to have a great weekend!! Looking forward to it.

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