just another manic Monday

I really don't like Monday mornings! the kids were so slow this morning to get ready! just totally dragging their feet, I used to be the same.....uh hem I still am.....

my hubby made another point to show me his frustration with the house......ya I know it's messy......ya I know I haven't put laundry away for a week......ya I know you have to dig through laundry baskets to figure out what is clean and what is dirty.....ya I know you work hard all day......ahhhhhhhhhhhhh deep sigh

I had talked to my cousin about coming and cleaning my house once a week, she started babysitting again and is busy so she hasn't had time........I NEED A HOUSE KEEPER......ever feel like you are just really bad at something so you stop caring???? this is sort of how I feel about housework.

It is overwhelming to me! I go into one room and just stare......how the heck did they manage to empty all their drawers looking for a shirt that was on the floor already the whole time????
what do you mean Faith unraveled the entire roll of toilet paper again???
no you cannot have an entire jar of jam on your sandwich! and spread it yourself...oh you already did, then that is what the red sticky stuff is all over the floor and table and chairs and counters???
yes closets are for shoes and jackets!!!! ever heard of a hanger???
no you cannot eat your yogurt on the carpet.....wait stop............NOOOOOOOO as it drips all down the stairs.....

have you ever watched "Annie" the original movie with Carol Burnett??? she sings a song called
"little girl's" I feel like that some days......little girls little girls, every where I look there are little girls.....

well I guess I better get/find some motivation.......sitting here all day is what I would prefer but those clothes are not going to get washed or put away by themselves........have you heard me mention finding my magical wand before????? I really need one, that or my cousin to come clean for me!!! or me to find some magic energy pill and I become like the energizer bunny and actually get something accomplished....but wait......it wouldn't stay done for long would it? UGH

side note: Emily went to the dentist yesterday, I know weird that a dentist works on Sunday's. She had 2 teeth pulled. They were abscessed. The dentist, who is a pediactric specialist, told me the reason her teeth abscessed was because my previous dentist put white fillings in her. Then he told me all about the dangers of white fillings and that they are poisonous and made of plastic, so they break around the edges and decay still occurs underneath them. I believe him because my dentist just told me the same thing and replaced my white fillings with the nice mercury silver ones the lesser of 2 evils I am told, and I had decay under the white fillings that was "mushrooming" as he put it....... so the poor baby has less teeth now on top then she has them!!! she had fun trying to eat her cereal this morning, going to have to make her oatmeal for a while....... oh and the dentist also told me the reason dentist's push the white fillings is because they make more money on them then the silver ones......good to know eh?!?!?! just thought I would pass the info on.

have a great day


hey that is great news sorry you found out the hard way, hope you got the motivation you needed,
I sat thinking to myself i must be crazy having one more so close,
how close are yours
Lala's world said…
my kids ages are
Morgan will be 12 next month
Emily is 7 (b-day is in Jan)
Hailey will be 6 in April
(E & H are 15 months 3 days apart)
Faith will be 4 in May

I had 3 kids in just a little over 3 years, the first 2 are almost 5 years apart, we had 5 miscarriages in between them, and I had 1 more miscarriage between the last 2.
Kimberly Alexander said…
I just had 4 of my "white" fillings replaced with silver for that same reason. If is interesting to learn that dentists do that. Tell your daughter that I am sorry for her loss.
Lala's world said…
hey Kim! she was happy about the double tooth fairy prize!!
Ruth said…
Hey, I need a housekeeper too.

We have decided that it is in our best interest to move the girls (ages 4 and 10 mos) dressers into our room. Then we won't ever have to wonder what is clean or not!!

My son (10yrs) had to have all 8 of his molars pulled when he was 5 or 6 (bad mommy memory!!). The dentist said it was probably because he liked lemons and we don't have much fluoride in our water!!

I don't like the dentist and haven't been for a LONG time!!
I also had a miscarriage between each child, a 14 week and a 6 week

my kids are 18 months apart
and youngest will be 2 1/2 and oldest 4

You really help me have faith

Renee said…
I also need a housekeeper! I was just thinking that this morning. Before I had John, I had one, but after him, the reality of having no money hit home!
Renee said…
The skirts from the JcPenney catalog, by the way.
holli said…
I've never heard of a dentist working on Sundays??? But I guess that's a good thing if you work during the week!

One positive about being single (for me) is that nobody can complain that my place gets out of control! :) Whoop-dee-doo!
mommyof4 said…
Oh girl you know I know where you are coming from! By the way your site and others don't have email addresses.
momyblogR said…
Girl, if you find that magic wand....please, please, PLEASE may I borrow it..I'll be your best friend, lol.

Thanks for playing....

I LOVE taking pictures
80's/top 40...brings me back, lol
Nymph? LOL, OMGosh, you DO know me. How funny!!
Shash said…
Never a dull moment in your house!!

I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning... my mouth is filled with those white things. I always thought they were porceline?? I'll have to ask the Doc and get back to you.
My daughter remind me when I tell folks that I have three daughters. "No, Mommy. You have FOUR. Don't forget Emmie, up in Heaven!"
We lost Emmie between Catie and Rosie in my second trimester. I knew from about 6 weeks along, so we were just waiting and praying and watching until her heart beat no more. I got to start greiving before she was gone, so when I got pregnant three months later, I was thrilled. It made the last pregnancy such a sweet thing! Until I had miscarried myself, I could not empathize with other women. Sad, but now I can.
Shash said…
My Doc said that the news with the white fillings is just starting to come to light, he's going to a conference in April to figure out a better solution. He would never go back to Mercury but he is considering Gold, they last a lifetime. Until I can afford Gold... this will have to do.

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