The instincts of nature

ok our Springer Spaniel, Shelby, is in heat for the first time!!! Jackson, our Scottie Poo, is going insane with lust!! We are keeping them apart as obviously they are both not fixed yet!!

poor Jackson was trying really hard to figure out what to do........ they had some funky position attempts going on when I saw them and realized Shelby was in heat......he is too short to do the job.....she tried lying down....he didn't know which end to go for......kind of proves that even male dogs are not so smart.....know what they want to do but takes them awhile to figure out which end is what!!! hahahaa sorry....don't mean any disrespect to any male viewers!!!

Jackson was actually sitting on the back of my couch, yes like a cat, and was howling...... he sounded like an injured pheasant!! totally funny and so desperate sounding.....I actually feel sorry for the horny little thing!! but alas......we don't need anymore creatures wondering around this place.....and what kind of creatures they would make I wonder????? spanial-poo?????

just goes to show that instincts of nature is a powerful force to be reckoned with!!! however we are not going to allow "nature" to take it's course in this case!!!


mommyof4 said…
Spanial-poo haha!
Ruth said…
So much fun having dogs!!
momyblogR said…
How funny. The poor little guy, never had a chance. And, most guys never know what end is up, lol!!
It would be a Scottish-Cock! MWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA! Oh man. Sorry about that.

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