I can see clearly now the rain is gone.......

it's going to be a bright bright sun shinny day

finally the sun is out

this is a pic of White Rock Beach where I grew up from the time I was 10 until 2 years ago. I had to take the girls. After all the rain we have had, I was starting to feel soggy.

and of course you can't go for a walk on the beach without ice cream.

Our student Ayami, thought it was so beautiful. She is really fitting in here. We love having her. She is so easy going and not shy so she doesn't spend the entire day in her room like some previous students have done! She seems to really like staying with us too which is great. Her dad is a bit concerned that we have too many kids so I sent him an email telling him all about us and sent him pic's of our house and Ayami's room. I hope there will be no problems with that! it would be hard on the girl's for her to have to leave. I tried to explain that Canadian's have larger family's but our houses are larger too so we are not squished. Hopefully pic's of outings at the beach will also comfort him that we are spending time with Ayami as a family too. I am sure things will be fine.


mommyof4 said…
Beautiful pictures. I am glad she is having a good time!
JeepGirl said…
Sounds like she'll adapt well! You've got a nice inviting family.

Gosh, a beach? Not fair. I have corn fields to look at.
Renee said…
Nice pictures!
holli said…
What wonderful pics - it really brought some sunshine into my day!!!

I want to go to the beach - it's freezing here!! And no beaches nearby!

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