Here's your sign......

J and I love the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.....totally funny stuff. One of the comedians, Bill Engvall does this bit about here's your sign....basically your "stupid" sign cuz you said or asked something obvious!!

I did it the other day to myself

I was getting gas and the wind was blowing like crazy....clear blue sky but real cold and real windy....I blew into the booth to pay for my gas and stood there trying to flip my hair back where it belongs and I look at the lady and say

"where did all this wind come from?"

and without missing a beat she looked at me like I was retarded and said

"from the sky!"

I quickly responded with

"here's my sign"


Kim said…
Bill is by far my favorite and after watching his "here is your sign" bit you truly appreciate that. If you really listen to everyday chit-chat it will amaze you at all the stupid things we say or ask.
By the way; It is -20 with the wind chill here today!
Love you
Renee said…
I have a large collection of those signs. ;^)
Shash said…
I hear that going off in my head all day long.

I've never laughed more at a comedian that at Bill - I think I watched it at your house....
momyblogR said…
"From the sky" LOL!! Man oh man, don't you know anything? Too funny!

Suz said…
LOL too funny.

Loved your TT 13.

Hugs Suz
I am a cashier in a convience store mini grocery type and we get the most amazingly funny customers you could only imagine!
I figured out how to fix my coment section to allow anonymous coments
JeepGirl said…
Ha - well at least you can catch yourself.

Ya, my husband loves that show too.

His favorite is Larry the Cable Guy. I think he has even bought Larry's book.

**Let me know when you find out where that wind is coming from. I've always wondered. :-)

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