Happy Valentine's Day

wow look how young we look!!

Today has been a good day!

not only is it Valentine's Day which for me is just a really good excuse to go out for dinner, which is one of my favorite things!! It is almost 11 years ago when Jason proposed to me.... I was reminiscing thought I would share a couple of pics with you!

I also went to the doctors today and got some good reports. The Lupas Anticoagulant I was diagnosed with in 97 and was the reason why I had so many miscarriages, is now negative!!! I can hear the cheering, raw raw yaaaaaa my life insurance premiums will go down too now that I have a clean bill of health......more cheering...... my ultrasound was also clear.....now the people are on their feet..... so all good news!!!

I also am getting my flight booked to go to Toronto in 2 weeks to visit my sister Shash and her family.....the crowd is going ecstatic.... I haven't been there for 8 years!! she has visited here but it has been too long since I have been out there! I am so looking forward to it!

I am very happy......can you tell???

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!


Ruth said…
I am excited for you for all the good things today!! It is awesome to have good health and it will be nice to meet you when you come over here for a visit, Shash knows my sister now and has learned some more things about me!! Her time has come!! Just joking!!
Vicky said…
Happy Valentines Day! What a pretty bride you were. And the time goes really fast hey? Hubby and I are on 15 years this year! Oy!

Good news about your health...glad to hear it.
Shash said…
I have lived apart from my family for nearly 10 years. In that time I have been "home" over 20 times... I should have learned to fly and bought my own plane!!!

I'm Glad you're coming out my little sis!
Shash said…
and no.... you can't tell all of my secrets....
Lala's world said…
secrets????? who said anything bout secrets???...........ummmm I have 31 years of getting back at older sis stuff just waiting to come out!!! be afraid be very very afraid!!
Mama B said…
That's exciting news!!!

Love your wedding pictures!! You two look very much in love!
Renee said…
Cute pictures! Y'all look like 2 kids.
And yay! on the bill of health.

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