enough is enough...have I said that before???

yesterday I took Hailey with me to Vancouver to get my hair done. Yes, I drive over 45 minutes to get my hair done!!! she is a friend of mine and does the greatest job and charges half what others would so it is worth the trip!!

Hailey got her hair cut to a real cute bob. It really suites her..... I will take pic's today and post them later.... my hair is short!!! yup real short but I really like it!

J stayed home from work yesterday, he is sick. Faith is sick. Emily is sick and now my throat is sore again and I have a bit of a cough..... I tell you enough is enough already!!! this has been a brutal year for colds and flu's. My hubby hasn't been sick yet this year till now but when he falls he falls hard...

I am praying we all get better soon!! I have to fly to Toronto on Thursday and I don't want to have a cold when flying!! ....ya only 6 more sleeps Shash...

I even missed doing the TT yesterday....what's with that???

anyways I have been reading a lot of people's poems that they have been posting and hey you know me.....I can't get left out of anything!!! typical youngest!!!
so hear is one I wrote last year

the dance

I saw a dance
time to take the chance
fully embrace
the Father's face
Relive the dream
that was there long ago
never look back
stepping out.....letting go
be the princess He created
ever changing....ever releasing
the gifts He placed inside
always to abide
It is a safe place, a state of grace
resting in His arms, being His little girl
waiting in this world
receiving His heart
never again to part
Learning to dance
I took the chance


Kimberly Alexander said…
Sorry to hear everyone is so sick. We have had a pretty easy cold season. Tell Jason and your girls hello for me. I will email later.
Shash said…
Great poem La! I'm looking forward to seeing you!!!! Only 6 more sleeps!!!!!! Take a decongestant an hour before you start your descent, it will help a lot!! I travel so much that I take one regardless if I have a cold or not, it keeps the ears from hurting.
Suz said…
Sorry everyone is sick. I hope you all feel better soon and you are all better by your trip.

Love the poem. Never was a daddy's girl, makes me sad.

Hugs Suz
mommyof4 said…
I love the poem!!:) Like Suz said I was never a daddies girl either. My girls are though. If you have more poems please share I love reading others poetry.:)
Ruth said…
Great poem, I love reading others!!Can't wait 'til the weekend!!
Renee said…
Nice poem; I wish I could write . .
Sorry, too, about the sickness. Hope everyone is better soon.
PaPa said…
Finally getting to No! U - just kidden.
didn't realize you had this going. So now I can check up on you and Shashi.
and all your friends.
Don't have to flick the lights to get you to come in. Don't have to face down your boyfriends who arrive like whipped pups.
Just Mom and I at home.
Shash said…
It didn't take long for Dad to find us...

He always had a knack for that didn't he!! Remember how he used to find Cathy all the time...

5 More Sleeps!!!!!!
momyblogR said…
Gosh, I'm sorry the house is sick again...I agree, enough is enough.

Great poem!

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