who is your little friend? and is he going to be sleeping with us??

bet that made you wonder... what the crap is she talking about??!!............

k I still get pimples when it is that uh hum special time. Once in a while I will get a cold sore. EVERY single time I do that is the comment that my husband makes to me!! no kidding, no exagerating!!

so today I got my revenge. he happens to have a nice not so little zit right above his lip, you know the place where it really hurts to pop. (oh and I am a popper and a squeezer!! gross but my little fetish) anywoo, we had our good friends over and I look over at Jason and can't help but notice his little friend.... so I have to say it, you know I do.... "who is your little friend and is he going to be sleeping with us?" my girlfriend xangelle, starts choking on her pop and laughs and we both look at each other and say...."that is a perfect blog title".... so here it is!!! LOL

we both are guilty of thinking a lot during the day about our blogs and will have a thought/experience and be like... oh wow.... that would be a great blog and/or blog title!! obsessed that is what we are!!!
and tonight satisfied that not only did I get to "BURN" my husband, I also got a great blog title!!


JeepGirl said…
One for the girls - congrats !
holli said…
oh lord - i started breaking out for the first time not too long ago and found some soap that worked for me.. if i mess with them, i end up with a scar for a year. yay!
Suz said…
LOL, Sorry had to laugh, Ok I admit Iam a popper also but not of mine just others, especially on backs, bad I know.

And yes it was a perfect blog post title :-)

Hugs Suz
Renee said…
My mom loves to pop zits too. What's up with that?
My husband always says now, whenever we're talking about something strange, 'you know that's gonna be on Renee's blog!'

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