Quiet Moments ahhhhhhhhhh (deep sigh)

tonight after dinner J asked me what I wanted to do

You see today, when I was at the kindergarten drop off, I was talking to one of the moms who just got back from a 5 day trip to disneyland with 9 other girlfriends, to celebrate a 40th b-day!!!!!!! I stood there and smiled and said oh how terrific for you.... and ya I didn't feel so terrific for me... if you haven't noticed.....everything is about me!!..... honestly I felt the pang of jealousy go right through me... I want a holiday, I need a holiday......

I relayed all this to my hubby on the phone. He calls me here and there throughout the day to check on me, awwwwwwwwwwwww I know sweet huh?!! lately I think he just wants to see if I am doing anything non-blog related!!! anywoo I complained to him how I feel bloated and fat and have big bags under my eyes and I have no energy and can't seem to stay on top of things..... you know........ the usual........ he asked if I wanted to go out tonight, I said "oh I don't know I will probably be too tired"...... so we said we would see.....

after dinner, I said you know what I really want to do???? he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye......... no..... not that..... eyes roll, I just want to lie on our bed and snuggle!! again he raised his eyebrows and said "ohhhhh snuuuugglllle" with his fingers doing the Chris Farley "and I quote"........ "no really", I said, "just snuggle". He agreed which amazed me.

His usual routine is to quickly and promptly follow up his 3 minute break to scarf down dinner to watch the tv and hold his precious (remote..... for anyone who has not been a relationship for a long time)

We shut the door and cuddled on the bed.... and no this is not going to get my generations R rating or today's generation PG13 rating. We talked and talked and talked........... actually I talked and talked and talked getting all of my 25,000 word quota in.... he listened and rubbed my back, it was sooooooo nice, we laughed and reminiced.....had a few interuptions at the door which luckily didn't include more future therapy :> and reminded us to fix the lock on our bedroom door!! for future PG13/R snuggles......

He rolled over and looked at the clock and said "oh wow it has been an hour!!!" I said "oh man sorry I talked your ear off" ya not really sorry just don't want to think it is all about me which make no mistake...........it is.......... he said "ya and all I wanted to ask you was what you were going to make for dinner tomorrow night?!!!" haha funny man, he laughed at his joke and said "hey you can blog about that!!!"

I really enjoyed that hour of quiet... just me and J, we don't get too many of those!!

Right now Lala's world ( I know, sad that I am referring to myself in the third person, I told you I need a holiday) is getting crazier, I have to send our companies tax info in like a couple of weeks ago, dead line for filing is the 31st and I still have to send the info to our accountants to prepare GULP, I have some other stuff to work on, and continue to sort through our junk I mean treasures, as we start the beginnings of some minor reno's and prepare to sell in the early Spring, and to top it off we have an exchange student from Japan coming in 2 weeks.

I have started moving girl's around (switching bedrooms and getting the student's one ready), which includes sorting through endless supplies of pieces of paper, cardboard boxes oh I mean stuffies homes, more paper, clothes and single socks, a trillion gazillion broken crayons (I would pay big bucks for unbreakable crayons!) and even more paper.

My mind is overloaded and I get so overwhelmed I don't even know where to start........... which means I usually end up procrastinating and hey.... guess what I am doing now!! .......sitting here with my fav beverage....blogging!!


here's to finding that blasted magical wand................... anyone seen it????


mommyof4 said…
Hey Have you ever tried out The Flylady she can help you get orginzed I know she helped me. Www.flaylady.com.check it out and see what you think. oh and i love those pg snuggles too. They don't happen much here though i got to put them into my schedule more lol.
JeepGirl said…
Cool for you !! I'm happy that you got some quality time. Even tho sex is good!!, its nice to have that talk time too. Everyones lives get busy with kids stuff and work that we forget to just talk once in a while. Thats nice to hear.
The kids at our house know how to unlock the door with a pen. Damn them!
I'm gonna have to start doing the nooner to get any.
Suz said…
Ahhhh What a perfect night, to just snuggle & chat with your hubby. I need one of those.

Thats so cool that you are taking in an exchange student from Japan. Cant wait to hear about him/her.

Hugs Suz
Lala's world said…
hey mommyof4 thanks for the flylady tip! I checked out the website, lots to read but I would rather sit and read then clean and organize!!! hahaha but then that's my whole problem!!!

oh and Suz our student is a girl she is 16, that's about all I know now!!

jeepgirl ~ I hear ya with the nooner...mornings are good too!!

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