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today is the 1 year anniversary of my closest friends baby's birth and death. In this life we have good times and bad times, all of us, none of us are left untouched by grief in one way or another. Some say it makes us stronger, some it destroys, I believe it is a personal choice to how you recover with your grief and your attitude determines how you come out the other side.

I know that this is just my opinion, I feel I have been through enough in my 31 years to have an experienced opinion.

Today for my blog I just wanted to give a tribute to my friend Patti , you can read her story about Nathaniel at her blog. make sure you have kleenex.

I also wanted to recognize others who may have had a similar loss as she did or miscarriages like me or any other kind of loss.
Let me know your story and I will link it here. For me, knowing I wasn't the only one really helped me to get through my losses.

I lost 5 babies in 3 years and then another baby in between Hailey and Faith ( Faith is my youngest). Those were hard years and when I go back there in my mind I still will cry. There is no forgetting. The pain does lessen and time does bring healing. Sharing my story also helps, makes me feel good to know that what I went through could help others who are going through the same thing. I personally feel silence drags out the healing process. Not that you have to go blabbing your pain to every Tom Dick and Harry or even "share" your story right away. After some time has passed and some healing as already set in, then don't be afraid to share, you have no idea who you can help. For example..... I was talking to my bank teller one day and we got on to the subject of all the miscarriages I had had, not really thinking anything about the conversation besides the fact that we were just talking. A couple of months later she called me at home, she had just had a miscarriage and knowing what I had gone through gave her the strength and knowledge that she could get through it too. That to me is what sharing our stories is all about. This has happened a couple of times.

So if you haven't shared your story with others yet, then I encourage you to do so. and here's to all the women out there who have survived another day even when events would want to destroy them.

have a great day!


holli said…
Thank you for sharing your story.. and I think it's wonderful that the bank teller saw enough compassion in you to call for strength when she needed it. That says alot about you.

Suz said…
You are a wonderful friend to be there for Patti and others. Thankyou so much for sharing this post with us.

I will head over to Patti's.

Big Hugs Suz
Mama B said…
Hugs to you!! Thanks for sharing your story!
momyblogR said…
What a selfless post. You are very special to extend such a helping hand.

I personally have never suffered a loose like that. However, my bothere and his wife lost their five year old son, my nephew to cancer several years ago. It was something that changed us all, forever. I must say, all though ridiculously hard, we are all MUCH better people for having known Cory and also suffering through his death.

A helping hand is always needed. Thank you for all the people that you will help, that at an earlier time could have been me.
JeepGirl said…
What a wonderful entry. I think that it's very kind of you to think of other peoples feelings. I'm sure that your friend Patti treasures you as a dear friend.

I have never lost a child, but think that it would be very dramatic. My sister has and she went through a very hard time.

Thanks for sharing.

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