Nanny McPhee

we took the kids to see Nanny McPhee last night. What a great movie!! totally loved it!!

the custumes were brilliant and the acting was fantastic, I have always been a Colin Firth fan and even more so now. Same with Emma Thompson, she is incredible. The kids were all amazing too, very talented cast all round.

the kids didn't even ask to go to the bathroom, so you know it's good when they don't want to get up!! even Faith who is 3 sat still through the whole thing!!

so worth going to see, I don't think you will be disappointed. It was sort of a modern Mary Poppins without the musical part. It is a story of a father, Colin Firth who is widowed and trying to raise the wild 7 children by himself! going through nanny after nanny until Nanny McPhee finds them! there is a love story in it too and well just a great portrayal of what a little magic and love can do with children.

Emma Thompson actually wrote the screenplay! I was impressed and so was my husband. For him to walk out saying "wow I loved that movie" is pretty good, he loves horror movies and you know typical guy movies!

go see it!! and let me know what you think!!


cara said…
um, colin firth? yummy. not sure this movie will make it to france, but ya never know. i wish another bridget jones movie would come out. but then i guess they would need another book to base it on. darn.
sounds like you had a nice family outing!
Renee said…
I've been wanting to see this. We saw the preview twice and the girls were dying to see it. After reading your post, I REALLY want to see it. Maybe next weekend . .
JeepGirl said…
Great, I was wondering how that movie would be.

Thanks for the movie info, it looked real interesting in the previews.
Anonymous said…
I took three kids to see it tonight (7, 5 and 5 months). The theatre was stuffed and you could hear little people talking all over the place, "Look Daddy, a pig... I saw a pig." Of course, that wasn't coming from my group - I braved it alone, leaving the 3 year old at home with Dadddy. I thought it was cleverly done, I too liked the costumes. I'm not sure what the kids thought, they were too busy spilling my pop and popcorn all over the floor... it was just good to get out of the house! They need to have family films come out every month.
Suz said…
I so want to go see this. Was wondering if my littleman would sit through it.

After reading your post, now I have to go see it, lol.

Hugs Suz

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