my dog ...... your dog

we have 2 dogs, well puppies still actually, ( I know I know crazy with 4 girls too!), Shelby is an English Springer Spaniel and Jackson is a Scottie-Poo.
My dog is Jackson and Jason's dog is Shelby. We have quite the your dog my dog thing going on here. He thinks his dog is the best, I think my dog is the best!! and so on and so on. All our friends are aware of the dog war going on in our house! we fight over who's dog pooped and who's dog is cuter!
I do have to admit Shelby is pretty cute and smart and a really great dog to have! she is more hyper than Jackson and bigger! and I am a little allergic to her! Jackson is hypo-allerginic as he doesn't shed and has less energy! he loves to follow me around the house and just sit by my feet! he is sweet and I enjoy having the complete adoration with no cheeky behaviour! he does however like to chew, being a puppy and all still, and this morning with one quick chomp bit right through my bedroom phone line! nice eh?!?! he also bit through one of my computer cords before and zapped my mother board - $200+ dollars later........... uh hem, ya he is a fast destructor!! Shelby on the other hand just mauls things to death! you should see our back yard!! she collects "things" and keeps them all in one general area. She is queen of the garbage heap!! and she likes it that way!

so what do you think?? what dog is your favorite??


Patti said…
I think thay are both pretty cute, but I also think you're crazy to not only have 4 kids, but to also get 2 dogs on top of that. I thought you were crazy when you told me you were going to get them, and I still think you are crazy now - BUT I love ya!
Lala's world said…
ya they are cute and yes we are crazy in more ways than one! hahaa
holli said…
I can't say I think you're crazy.. I have one crazy dog who doesn't know he's a dog. I think they're both darling!

I love the name of your blog - for months I couldn't get my Faith to call Elmo "Elmo" - it was "la la." Now that she calls him Elmo.. I miss the days of La La.

I destroyed my last computer, so I guess I'm one up on your dogs. whoops!

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