Just to clarify..........

I thought I better just clarify the "warrant for my arrest", it really ended up not being such a big deal but it could have!!! this is the story..........

I live about 1 hour out of Vancouver, on Friday Dec 3rd I received a phone call from a Vancouver Constable telling me that there is a warrant out for my arrest.... the reason being, 4 unpaid parking tickets in Vancouver from before Nov 2004!!! I was like WHAT.... you got to be joking!?!?! she wasn't, she also informed me that if I didn't go in person to the Vancouver Court House in person to pay the $280.00 in fines that I would be arrested! I could really barely believe what she was saying. I said what if my kids are home, which they would.... where else would they be? she said that they would still arrest me!!! I was mortified.

My husband used to work a lot in Vancouver and at times he would have to use my van. He is a plumber so sometimes the service call would take longer than he expected and the always ticking meter would run out and he would get a parking ticket for like $50. for being 5 minutes late.... sucks..... anyways this happened 4 times. He actually went to fight the tickets and being him, he forgot about it and didn't show up for the court date, that sends out an automatic warrant for whoever the vehicle is registered too............ that would be me............ so............ here I am a suburbian housewife with 2 of her small daughters in tow..... going to the court house to pay the fines!! nice eh????!!! when I got there and told the lady at the desk that the Officer had called me she said I was extremely lucky that that happened and that I was in fact only the 2nd person she met that came because they got a phone call. Usually they just get arrested????

I don't understand the politics or regulations at all. We have such a high crime rate in Vancouver itself and they have to be bothered with "little housewives" with warrants for their arrest over their husbands parking tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable!! anyways the tickets are paid and the warrant canceled.

2 weeks later I was talking to a friend of mine who is a RCMP and told him the story, he told me that indeed I was lucky, and in fact if I had been pulled over because of the warrant the Ministry of Social Services would be called in to get the children and we would have had a real mess......... so let me get this straight....... children in the governments hands are getting sent back in to homes with known convicts and being killed but they would take children away from an innocent mom over parking tickets..... I tell you something is not right with all this!!!


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