incoherent ramblings of a mad woman

this may get long......have patience with me I need to vent and would love some advice!!

as you know we are getting our house ready to list on the market. We have only been here for 2 years, the same time frame we were in our last house in White Rock BC. Now the restlessness has set in and we got the moving bug. I know we are totally crazy

our present house is a big house, it is over 2,400 sq ft has a covered wrap around deck that is the same size as my LR!! totally awesome for summer time and all year round bar-b-que's. We have a 9,600 sq ft lot, yup that's just a bit shy of 1/4 acre. We have a huge Veggie garden. 4 fruit trees. Raspberries. a huge wired, insulated workshop with 2 skylights. an A-framed playhouse for the girls with a porch and swing and mini loft, way too cute. We have 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms a LR, DR, den,office, tons of storage, single car garage,and a HUGE playroom.

So why do we want to move???? .....the house is dated a bit, you know shag carpet in the bedrooms and really old brown carpet upstairs. We have started updating it and it looks great. So much space, well laid out cept for the entrance way, one of those stupid tiny landings and you have to go up or down, they call them cathedral entrances but when I think cathedral I think big and there is nothing big about it. real annoying with shoes and coats and of course the coat closet is at the top of the stairs so........ our neighborhood is ok, middle class, then right before Christmas someone stole our basketball hoop from our driveway!!! yup a 16 foot basketball hoop, they drained the water from the stand and drove off with it in the middle of the night. Then that same week someone stole.... my headlight...yup a headlight of all things!!
we have also had Jason's work van broken into a couple of times and they stole the business cheque book.....pain in the ass but no real damage except for breaking 2 locks on the van to get in. They were obviously kids because they took the chq book which was right beside about $5,000 in tools!!! duhhh but a thankful duhhh
besides these special events our neighborhood is really not all that bad. no gangs, no major drug dealing..... there are worse areas!!

we looked at buying a house with a suite in it, renting it out and living upstairs. the problem with that is..... there are 6 of us and we ain't small pixies. we are big people who have big furniture and a lot of it, we talk loud, watch tv loud, walk loud and wel...........l we're just loud. I wouldn't want to live beneath us!!! the prospect of squeezing into a smaller space just really mystifies me, how is it possible? Also to go down enough on our mortgage to make it all worth while would mean going into a worse neighborhood then we are now!!!!! man........ what to do?!

now to pose a whole other possibility..... moving up north! how far north you ask?...... like way far north, Prince George BC, which is about a 12 hour drive from here!!! Jason loves it up there and has always wanted to move to a "smaller" town and have the simpler life. I don't know if living in 10 months of winter would be referred to as a simple life!!

I agreed to talk about it and started looking up houses with acreage up there. I know my kids would love to live on a hobby farm and they are all cowgirls at heart. In fact my oldest is a horse fanatic and is really good with horses and having her involved with them and a 4-H club could be very helpful at this..... oh..... so fun stage of puberty!!

We could buy 5 acres with a huge shop and barn already built on it just 15 minutes from down town Prince George, which is like the Vancouver to Northern BC. We could build a 3,000 sq ft log house, which I admit would be a dream for me too, and it would be the same amount of $$ to mortgage as buying a 2,000 sq ft house on a 6,000 sq ft lot in a questionable area right by the freeway!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmm so financially living a dream is feasible in Prince George, however, it is 12 hours away from my mom and dad and 1 sister that lives 10 minutes away from me right now!! our kids are in an amazing Tradition school system here. We have soooo many great friends, and yes I know that they will always be our friends no matter where we live but it is easier to have coffee with them if you live in the same general area!!!

My husband wants to go. My kids all want to go. I am feeling like it is 5 against 1. Am I squashing his dream? is that fair of me? is that my right? he is not forcing me, he wants a 100% from me that I am on board. I told him I don't think I could give him that because I don't know what it is like to live there. He is being great about it. Not forcing it on me at all. Which makes me realize that I would probably force my dream on him! I really am selfish I think. Maybe I have been keeping him from living his dream all these years??? he has always wanted to move somewhere different, strike out on our own kind of thing and I have always been....wait there a minute big guy......ohhhhhhhhhh I feel bad. The question is do I feel bad enough to move to Prince George?? why not California???

he would love to move anywhere out of the lower mainland. His dad is American, he lives north of San Francisco. We tried in 1998 to get Jason's US citizenship, lots of paper work and 2 years later we were still waiting so we dropped it. Kicking ourselves but we had to move on with life. Jason is also part Native American Indian so I think he could get his status so borders wouldn't be such an issue, however when he looked into it more, the US side said he wasn't Indian enough and the Canadian side they wouldn't recognize it because he was American Indian!! I didn't know there was a difference between American and Canadian Indian's????? Jason's family is Cherokee from Oklahoma Region. Both his grandparents (dad's side) were half Cherokee half Irish, so I don't know why that doesn't make it enough for Jason??? I don't get it???

anyways here I am with all this in my head, wondering why the eczema is so bad??? I must do this to myself, told you I was a stress case!! Seriously, I am in a delima of major proportions and I don't know which road to travel?? I suggested we look into getting his dual citizenship again and he agrees, look into it he said, so I should. Then who knows where we could end up? To be honest the idea of moving somewhere new is exciting to me and feels like an adventure and the other part of me is.... freaked ..........out to leave my mom and dad, a great school, friends and all that I know...........

whew...........thanks for listening to me and hope you could make heads or tails out of my incoherent ramblings of a mad woman!

what would you do?? or have done??


Anonymous said…
Ask the one who knows you the most...then wait and listen until you hear.
mommyof4 said…
Wow!That is a hard choice. Now you know by what I have talked about that I would leave my city at the drop of a dime, even if all my family and friends are here. The schools suck to so that would not hinder my desion. Your house sounds so cool. Living in canada sounds real cool. I don't know what to tell ya if it were me and my whole family was up for it I would probably say lets wait a year or two and then decide but that would be only if I was living where you live! That anonymous made a good point. I hope you come to a good choice, are you going to be happy there because your kids will be happy as long as they got you and their dad.So maybe it is only 1 on 1 you and your hubby? I don't know really. I will thinking of you! Whatever you do Don't move to Reading, Pa lol
Suz said…
First Huge Hugs!

It sounds like you really are torn on what to do. I would sit down and weigh my pros and cons on where to live. Schools, jobs, access to things and so on.

I do have to agree though having been there before its very hard to leave friends and family. All of my family and closest friends live out of state and I miss how much I use to see them and not having them around.

Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.

Hugs Suz
Renee said…
Well, I'm a country girl at heart so I'd lean toward the house up north. How great to be able to build your house and have it laid out just the way you like it! Being away from family and friends will be an adjustment, but hey, you'll make some new friends . . and if the rest of your family is for it, I say 'do it'!
holli said…
Oh gosh.. I don't know and I'm the most indecisive human ever. I am going to have to think about it. That's a big decision. I do know it's just a lot of stress showing your house. But you will make the right choice!
Lakeside Girl said…
it is ok in PG - I live here.
A bit different than Vancouver or whereever you are, but hey, maybe in some good ways. You could check a blog I just set up. It is Summit Lake is 50 km north of PG.

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