I think there is a blogging flu going around!! first Suz's little boy was sick and Three Kid Circus and now mine are sick!!! they have fever's and are throwing up...... this has been a brutal flu season...
and I am busy painting.... I painted from 12-8 yesterday and the boss man is telling me no blogging today I have to get back to work.... what a slave driver!!!!!!

so no witty comments today or heart felt tributes, I got to take care of sick kids and finish our mini-reno's

have a great day


Suz said…
So sorry you kids have the yuckys now! I hope they all feel better soon.

What are you painting and what colors?

Hugs Suz
Renee said…
Well, maybe I'd better stay away because I don't want to get the blog disease, but I just can't . .
Lala's world said…
we are painting almost the entire downstairs and finish what I had started upstairs! colors....where do I start!! my dad is an artichetect and he loved white walls, let the art stand out kind of thing,.... me and my sister Shash, hate white walls!! so color color everywhere!!
I did the bedroom downstairs where the student is going, a real nice blue, don't know the color it was here from the last owners!! recycling! it is a warm purpley/blue! looks great.
the office and hallways I am doing a soft toupe similar to what is upstairs just a bit brighter cuz basements are dark!!
the playroom I am going to do the same color if I have enough left over, maybe add some yellow to it. We have royal blue carpets downstairs so.... have to keep the paint a bit lighter.
J started on the baseboards and they look real good, we are going to get this house the way we want it and I am not sure we are going to want to sell it afterall!!
holli said…
Vomiting is the WORST!! I hope everyone gets well, and I hope we don't catch the blogger's bug! BLAH!!

Prayers that you all get much needed peace soon.
Anonymous said…
I found you my sister!! I'll see more of you in cyber-world... I don't spend hours on the computer for nothing!!

I love you lots my dear sweet La La!!
Lala's world said…
crap I have been found out!!!

my sister has found me.... I wouldn't tell her what my blog site was... not that lala would be hard to find, since that has been my nickname forever!!
Lala's world said…
hey shash. welcome to my world, although you already know everything that is going on in it!!
Anonymous said…
It was fun to sneek a peek, like I was spying on you or listening in on a phone call... :-)

Who loves ya baby?!

It's after 1am now, I have to disconnect myself from this computer iv - it is addicting!


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