the great cookie adventure

I decided it would be nice to bake cookies with my girls tonight....... boy was I wrong!!!

Jason is working late AGAIN tonight, which totally sucks, specially since we decided to cut back on my favorite babysitter......... the tv.......... so I had to do something with them and they need more snacks for school so........... we baked cookies.
I am going to attempt to set the stage for you so you can grasp the pandimonium!!
my kitchen is not very big, must have been designed by a man because there is hardly any counter space!! so all 5 of us are crowded around my little IKEA makeshift Island.

They all want to help, they immediatly start fighting about who does what and she gets to do more and I want to help..... etx... you get the idea yet.... crazy.... so anywoo, I walk out of the kitchen for a second only to walk back in to them going ewwwwwwwwwww to Faith who is scooping fists full of dough, well not even dough yet just the wet stuff, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla........... I quickly clean her up turn my back which is pushed up against the back counter and down goes the last of my baking soda...crap!!

then I ask my oldest who is busy measuring out the baking powder how many teaspoons of powder did you put it..... she replies " 2 tablespoons" and slowly check the directions knowing... gulp.... that it is wrong.... I look.... "no sweetie, it is 2 teaspoons!!"

so we solve that one when my 5 year old runs into the kitchen screaming "I smell dog crap".............. wonderful......... ( it has been raining non-stop here in the lower mainland and my backyard has turned into a swamp, so the dogs are in the house WAY TOO much!!) so I get all that cleaned up and walk back into the kitchen just as the 3 year old grabs the opened bag of chocolate chips and they dump all over and into my stove elements and all over the floor......great...... soon the whole mission of mom/daughter cookie time is done for as girls are running and screaming everywhere........" I hate you, I am going to get you, come back here, moooooooooooom did you hear what she called me?!?!?!"

ya nice feeling, serenity now doesn't even begin to work in this situation.... then the icing on the cake my 5 year old comes running, again, into the kitchen screaming that her newly pierced earing has fallen out. Ok that about does it for me!!!
I had to take her to get it re-pierced already as it fell out the first night she had them done. So I calm her down, find the earing and backing and sit down to put it back in, I see blood, great, I tried to put the earing back in after I cleaned it and wiped the blood away. It won't go. GREAT. I am starting to feel faint and trying to hold myself upright to push this earing all the way through and it just doesn't want to go. I know I have to get it in now or I am going to have to take her back to the store. So finally after mentally telling myself I can do this, I push really hard and POP it goes through!!! thank goodness!

at that point I shewed them all out of the kitchen told them to get ready for bed and finished making the cookies by myself! they are great by the way!!

I wonder if the kids are going to look back at this memory and remember the craziness of the evening or just remember mom made cookies with them? I am hoping for the latter.


Renee said…
Hey LaLa -

thanks for visiting my site. I've been taking a look at yours. Your girls are beautiful! 4 - I don't know how you do it.
holli said…
LOL - I'm sorry.. but that was way funny. Especially that this beautiful memory was interrupted by the dog doing his business. It just sounds all too familiar. If it's not the children, it's the furry children.

I hope the cookies at least turned out good!!
Suz said…
Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours, You have a beautiful family. I will blogroll you & be back.

As for the cookie thing, oh my goodness, I didnt know whether to give you hugs or laugh (sorry). Iam sure your daughters will look back on the moment and remember it was a time spent with mom & also laugh at it.

Marla said…
H! I told you de-lurking would change both of us! Now, I can't kvetch about how hard I have it without thinking of you trying to make cookies with four girls and two dogs and everything else that's going on in LaLa's World!
mommyof4 said…
Hi, Came here to check your blog since you came to mine. We have a lot in common! I have one boy though and three girls. We also like Molin rouge ;great movie right?! I will be blog rolling you also and coming back. This Delurking leads to wonderful new connections. The cookie thing been there now I only do one child at a time lol that is not even easy.
Lala's world said…
yes the cookies were good, a tad dry since Faith ate so much of the "wet" ingrediants!!!

and thanks for all the comments!! feels great!! and you all are already on my blogroll and I find myself checking your site a couple of times a day!!

it a good feeling to know I am not alone in Lala's world!!
JeepGirl said…
I feel you pain girlfriend ! I've tried to do the cookie adventure and my home too and I have the same results. I will say though, I think that even tho us mothers have to go thru that, the children do take that memory with them. To them I don't think it's as wild and crazy as it is for us moms. So I pat you on the back an say - carry on great mommy that you are !

Thanks for visiting my site !
Lala's world said…
k sorry real dolt here but how do I set up a blog roll??? I thought I had it set up.... ahhhhhhh help please!!!!
Lala's world said…
never mind I figured it out which is amazing since I drank 2 soho's beforehand!! LOL

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